CSR & Sustainability

As a company, we recognise the need for sustainable development and continually aim to have a positive economic, social and environmental impact through our activities. We strive to be a responsible business and to contribute to our local community in Brighton, London and Birmingham using the skills we have in-house.

As active members of Business in the Community (BITC), we have committed to taking a leadership role in engaging local organisations and working with them  help maximise the positive impact of our efforts. Everyone in the company is given one day per annum to participate in the company’s CSR programme and this year we would like to see everyone involved in an area which captures their own passion, skills or interests.

SiteVisibility currently works closely with it’s key partners; BITC, Sussex Wildlife Trust, University of Brighton, Extratime, NSPCC and Scope.


  1. Identification of the social issues that are most relevant to our business and most pressing to the communities we work with.
  2. Internal engagement with our employees, customers and suppliers to support our community programmes
  3. Create 3 year strategy
  4. Increase recycling & reduce waste
  5. Raise £1600 for the NSPCC as part of the 1600 Club.
  6. Launch “SiteVisibility Digital Marketing Fund”

SiteVisibility has an active CSR programme and we want to show other small businesses, the bedrock of the UK economy, that they too can have a meaningful positive impact on society. We believe it’s good business practice and we know it makes business sense, whether that be improving skills in the local community, helping employee engagement or supporting charities and NFP’s to become more self-sufficient in their marketing. It’s great to feel good about the way you do business.

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SiteVisibility CSR Strategy & Reports

If you’d like to find out more about our CSR goals and projects then please take a look at our company CSR strategy document or download our 2012 CSR report to gain further information about what we achieved last year.

CSRS CSR & SustainabilityCSRR CSR & Sustainability

In 2012 we appointed an Internal Sustainability Officer who’s responsible for engaging the whole team with our CSR strategy and ensuring that we achieve our company’s CSR objectives. You can read or download our full strategy and find out what we achieved in 2012 by reading our blog or downloading the full 2012 CSR Report.

NSPCC Fundraising

During 2012 we were committed to raising £1600 for the NSPCC to help them to continue with the fantastic work they do. We ran  a number of fundraising events ranging from an interagency football tournament, ‘The Uniform @ Work Project’ where the SiteVisibility ladies donned a little  black dress and wore it for a whole month a la ‘The Uniform Project’ highlighting the benefits of sustainable fashion and raised some funds along the way. We also be hosted a very special Brighton digital festival pub quiz in September and created our ABC’s of SEO – An Introduction to Digital Marketing e-book the proceeds of which go to the NSPCC. This is still available and can be purchased on Amazon. Get yours now!

We raised a total of  £1,645.57 all of which will be going to the NSPCC so a huge thanks to everyone who helped us along the way!

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SiteVisibility Digital Marketing Fund

The launch of the £25k Digital Marketing Fund for local charities and NFPs was our most ambitious project to date . This was something that we felt really reflected what our CSR strategy was about; using the skills we have as a company to help our local community. We had 24 applications from local charities and causes and we are currently in the process of selecting the charity we feel we can help make the biggest difference in the local community.

Find out more about the campaign and the charity we’ll be working with here


We Support the Living Wage Campaign

Living Wage Employer 100 CSR & Sustainability

“We’re passionate about the living wage campaign. Paying people a living wage is the decent thing to do. It improves the wellbeing of the community  and that’s something that we’re really motivated to achieve. We sincerely hope that this campaign encourages other businesses to do the same.”

Jason Woodford - Chief Executive