SiteVisibility’s Quality Policy

SiteVisibility is pleased to be ISO 9001:2008 recognised, and you can read more about our certification and why it’s important to us

SiteVisibility is committed to:

ISO 9001 Certificate image SiteVisibilitys Quality Policy

  •       Delivering a quality service which satisfies, and if possible exceeds, customer expectations
  •       Providing employees with all relevant information and appropriate training in relation to quality
  •       Facilitating employees to develop their skills and knowledge to the benefit of both the employees and company
  •       Complying with all relevant statutory requirements
  •       Maintaining a management system that meets the requirements of ISO9001 and facilitates the delivery of quality services
  •       Providing a safe environment for its employees
  •       Setting measureable quality objectives; and
  •       Striving continually to improve performance in relation to quality

SiteVisibility regards quality as the responsibility of all persons working in the company, and expects all employees to act at all times to maintain safe working conditions and to report all nonconformities promptly.

This policy statement has been endorsed by all departmental managers.


Quality Objectives 2014

  1. Zero complaints / credit notes / cancellations
  2. Timely delivery of reports
  3. Achieve a Customer Satisfaction Score of minimum 4


The Scope of the Quality Management System is “The provision of digital marketing services” which involve mainly following areas:

  •            SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
  •            PPC – Pay Per Click / Display / Affiliates
  •            SMO – Social Media Optimisation

The company’s business is operated through a system of inter-related processes designed to achieve planned outcomes that will result in meeting customer requirements. These processes are mapped on the SiteVisibility ThinkTank (Intranet) and accessible to all employees.

Interactions between processes will be especially identified when one process is dependent on another. This is also visible in the company’s RACI chart. Departmental managers will manage and measure the processes carried out within their departments, to ensure outputs are consistent with company requirements and are effective. Objectives for continual performance improvements will be set where required.

The documented Quality Management System will include all operations, processes and activities undertaken by the company in pursuit of their business.

All activities are relevant to the standard with only the Purchasing and Control of Monitoring and Measuring Equipment activity excluded.


Clause 7.6 Control of Monitoring and Measuring: SiteVisibility does not have any monitoring and measurement equipment in use.

Clause 7.5.4. Customer Property: SiteVisibility does not control or use any customer property in-house.

Documentation Requirements

The documents that are needed to effectively manage and operate the quality management system include:

i.        This Quality Manual, containing the Quality Policy and Quality Objectives

ii.        Process Flow charts and associated explanatory documents (on WIKI)

iii.        Operating procedures required to maintain the Quality Management System

    1. Document Control
    2. Internal Audits
    3. Control of Non-Conformities
    4. Corrective Actions
    5. Preventive Actions
    6. Control of Records
    7. Management Review
    8. Training

iv.            Documents and Records needed to demonstrate conformance to stated objectives