Search Marketers Guide to Brighton for LondonSEO By The Sea

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With quite a few people coming down to sunny Brighton for the [tag]London SEO–by-Sea [/tag] Networking/Jolly (delete as appropriate) I thought a few search marketers might benefit from a guide of our fair city before their whistle stop tour.

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it’s not a trick of the eye, they are actually that big – via flickr

The BeachAlfresco, where the drinks are being held, is right next to the burnt out (but iconic) West Pier; however you want to sunbathe and can’t tear yourself away from twitter, digg, facebook or wordpress, panic not, there’s wireless access for free on the beach. This would be lot more useful if you could read a laptop screen outside!

Pre-Drink-Drinks – It’ll be my first meet-up with the [tag]LondonSEO crew[/tag] but from what I’ve heard they like to enjoy a good drinking establishment. Personally I’d recommend for real ale fans The Evening Star which is right on top of the station. For more sophisticated bar flies, if you head down hill from the station to Zoot Street you’ll find plenty of no-change-from-a-fiver-but-taste-really-nice cocktails.

A bit further into the Lanes is one of my favourite pubs in BrightonThe Victory which has plenty of decent beers on tap and you can usually get a table. The more adventurous amongst us could easily organise a bit of a crawl between all three.

Food – if you are looking for decent pub grub I’d suggest the Hop Poles it’ll be really busy on a Friday night cause the foods great and it’s pretty decent pub too. If you can’t get a table it’s not a huge worry because down the same street there are plenty of decent Indian restaurants.

If you don’t mind a bit of a walk I’d pay a visit to El Taco, the Mexican on the corner of Montpellier Road & Western Road, they don’t seem to have a website but they make excellent Fajitas, Burritos & Enchiladas to eat in or take away.

After Party – once the free booze has come to an end there are plenty of options, if people are in fine voice they can wander down the non-burned-out-pier for some Karaoke or the clubs on the sea front have just about every kind of dance music going across about five or six different venues and theirs a pretty decent indie/rock night at the Barfly.

Personally I can’t wait, and hope those Londoners coming down can enjoy all Brighton has to offer. Maybe they’ll buy me a pint in return for my helpful guide!

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