Create Better Landing Pages by pre-qualifying your PPC Leads

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The more you know about your customers’ intent the easier it is to tailor your [tag]landing pages[/tag]. If you know exactly what the searcher is hoping to achieve helping them do that becomes a breeze.

When you are creating a [tag]PPC campaign[/tag] you should be building [tag]pre-qualifying[/tag] your customers via the structure of your campaign.

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There’s a number of different ways you might want to segment your [tag]keywords[/tag] based on their implicit intent but here’s four we use quite often.

Buying Stage – when you’re choosing your keywords its worth covering every stage of the purchasing decision. Those later down the line are far more likely to convert but as long as you have your bid levels worked out there’s no reason not to target those in the research stage, especially if you think you’re the best player out there.

For example you might divvy your keywords out four ways, Starting Out, Researching, Knowledgeable, Decided and your landing pages should match what they are hoping to achieve on your site.

If they are ‘Starting Out’ they’ll want a simple overview of the options with cues where to explore further.

Those ‘Researching’ are going to want to know about specific features and how you compare to your competitors.

‘Knowledgeable’ searchers hopefully will already be familiar with what you and your competitors are offering, for them the price and extra features are going to prove popular.

For those that have ‘Decided’ the role of the landing page is to reassure them that they have made the correct decision and make the process to conversion as easy as possible

How Targeted – Another way to split out your keywords and customise you landing page is by how specific the keywords are. Here you might divide your keywords into Generic, Manufacturer, Features & Products.

Those searching on vague ‘Generic’ terms like ‘Digital Camera’ will not have that clear an opinion of what they are looking for. For people like these basic overviews can work a treat, don’t blind them with detail or discourage them by rushing them.

Those who are searching by a ‘Manufacturer’ have a basic understanding of what they are looking for and your landing page should reflect that preference. The might not be set on buying that manufacturer but you need to provide them with what they are looking for on the page or it will be a wasted click.

If we still make use of the digital camera example a ‘Feature’ keyword would be something like SLR or Waterproof. If you are targeting keyword like this make sure your landing page offers a number of options all of which meet their query.

‘Products’ if someone is searching for a specific product the chances are they are looking to buy so the purpose of the landing page is to convince them why they should spend their money with you rather than a competitor. Remind them why they have chosen that product but at the same time highlight your strengths whether it’s price, customer service or any other unique quality to your company.

Location – it’s one of the easiest ways to split up your keywords but remember to reflect the different places not only in the keywords, campaign structure but the Ad-copy and landing page. There’s very little more frustrating as a searcher when you use a localised key phrase but end up on a national landing page. The different pages for the different pages can be quite similar but the time spent customising can have a significant effect on the advertising campaigns success.

Level of Expertise – it’s often worth segmenting your groups based on the level of knowledge they have indicated by their keyword choice. Groups like ‘Beginner’ ‘Intermediate’ ‘Expert’ & ‘Unrelated’

Your landing pages should reflect the level of expertise not only in the language used but in the way you present you text. Every landing page should be able to be scan read but the more experienced the searcher the more information they will require from your site. We normally also include an ‘Unrelated’ level of expertise, we use this category for keywords which would be searched for by a senior member of the business who might not be familiar with the jargon on industry terms, and tailor the landing page accordingly.

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