Paradigm Flux – Why you have to score even when the goals posts are moving

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It’s a dynamic environment the web, it’s two years since I graduated from university and already my final year dissertation on the impact of paid music download services seems like a dusty relic.

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Let’s see you score this one Torres – via flickr

Though at times the fast moving web can seem daunting to traditional businesses they shouldn’t use it as an excuse to fall behind. Today it might seem safer to do nothing but you might find yourself having to play catch up, a few years down the line.

Cost of catching up is greater than the risk of failure
– you only need to look at the [tag]search landscape[/tag] to see the benefit of being an early mover. Old established sites have built up trust over the years and have cemented their position at the top of the results. They’ve created an [tag]online presence[/tag] that many newer companies would kill for.

When many of these websites were launched, in the mid nineties or after the [tag]dot com bubble[/tag] burst, people would have thought the company was mad to invest, where as now it seems a strategic masterstroke. A clever search marketing strategy with realistic goals can still provide a great return on investment, but the companies who have made a long term search marketing effort have made a great investment in their business.

Marketing is accumulative – it takes a while for your businesses to enter your potential customers psyche. They need to come into with your contact a number of times ideally across a variety of channels. A few years ago a plumber might have been able to sustain his business with an ad in the Yellow Pages, now he will struggle without a web presence; it’s not difficult to imagine similar drastic changes by the end of the decade. The easier you can make it for you business and potential clients to meet, the better your bottom line.

Easier to win when there is less competition – it’s difficult to launch a blog in the search marketing world that will be truly innovative because competition is so fierce. Creating a standout podcast would be much easier as there are fewer competitors, but it is even easier to become a dominant force on [tag]emerging platforms[/tag] like twitter or Facebook groups. If you are brave enough to make the first move, you won’t have much competition but often take huge rewards.

When most people are novices it’s easy to become an expert – at the very beginning of platforms life cycle everyone starts in the same place – a beginner. If you are able to seize the opportunity and learn quickly you’ll find yourself as a knowledgeable expert before many people have even begun to experiment.

In today’s climate most companies have already discovered what a huge impact a well executed search marketing strategy can have on the business. For those brave enough they can further enhance their search marketing efforts by embracing social media.

pixel Paradigm Flux – Why you have to score even when the goals posts are moving