Why is Brighton the Search Engine Marketing Capital of Britain?

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After the recent Brighton SEO meet up arranged by the guys and LondonSEO.org, I was really impressed by the number of people that turned up. What was more surprising was the sheer number of different agencies and firms that everyone came from, some of whom I’d never even heard of before.

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While we’ve always had some friendly competition with a few local [tag]Brighton SEO[/tag] firms; I came away from that evening with even more blogs to read and email newsletters to sign up to in order to get my fix of competitive nosey-ness.

I’ve had a bit of a look around and some of the other cities in the UK since and a few have clutches of Search marketing firms, but few can compete with [tag]Brighton[/tag] for the title of [tag]Search Engine Marketing Capital of the UK[/tag].

But why is it such a hot bed for search?

Creative City – Brighton has got to be one of the most creative cities in the UK, if not the world. The combination of the festival, pride and thriving music & theatre scene has created a melting pot of skills and creativity. And best of all it’s not a sprawling metropolis. You can walk from one side to another. When there are great arts & music events on your doorstep, the ambience attracts and encourages inventive online marketers.

Marketing & Development – there’s a history in the city of big web development and traditional marketing companies. With the alumnus of these organisations around, it’s not hugely surprising people would find themselves involved with search marketing. And given the shortage of search marketing specialists, it’s often handy to be able to attract people from the other related disciplines.

Universities – there’s two hugely popular universities with great marketing and media courses, which is good news, as each year there is a great crop of graduates to become search marketing trainees. Plus the huge student population keeps the city young and fresh which keeps you on your toes.

Fringe Benefits – we have the beach and the South Downs so the natural environment has plenty going for it. Plus the great selection of pubs and shops certainly makes it a pretty popular place to set up shop. As a consequence there’s a huge number of technology related start ups and an impressive collection of business support networks which offer great advice & guidance to any fledgling search marketing agency.

Better than London – it’s a bit of a cliché that half the people in Brighton have moved from London, I’m not sure if it’s true but I can certainly understand why people would move out of the big smoke. The pace is slower, it’s sunnier and it is ever so slightly cheaper.

It was great too see all the other firms at down by the west pier and hopefully we’ll all be able to meet up again soon. And for all the rest of you scattered around the world hope your not to jealous.

If you are looking for a Brighton Search Engine Marketing Company be sure to get in touch and we can explain why we would be the perfect partner for your business.

pixel Why is Brighton the Search Engine Marketing Capital of Britain?