How we successfully re-launched our corporate SEO Blog

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It’s no secret that there are hundreds even thousands of Corporate SEO & [tag]search engine marketing blogs[/tag]. Many are shining bastions of business transparency, effective client generating platforms or even an effective way to get across the personality of company . But the vast majority are neglected abortive attempts which provide little or no ROI and are an embarrassment to the agency behind them.

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You’d be surprised how things turn – via flickr

While the old Apple Pie & Custard blog wasn’t that bad, we felt it needed a bit of a kick up the bum and a redesign. In that process we’ve revolutionised the blog and traffic has gone up by 500% breaking even our most optimistic expectations.

Our traffic and influence is still quite small ,but I think we’ve learnt some great lessons that could help jump start a few spluttering blogs from [tag]SEO companies[/tag].

Make Someone Personally Responsible for the Blog – too many [tag]business blogs[/tag] don’t have a direct editor in charge of all the content and output. Give someone complete ownership of the project. I’d also recommend not putting your most senior or well known member of staff in charge; the less established staffer will be hungrier and more willing to put the additional effort needed to get the blog going. I’d also think you should choose someone who reads a lot of blogs; even if they might not be the most knowledgeable member of staff, their appreciation of how the format works will pay dividends.


Schedule Time in Your Work Plan – client work always comes first here at Site Visibility; they pay our wages to drive more business their way, but a blog will never work if you don’t dedicate a reasonable amount of time. Allocate specific slots in your forward planning, it might not need much time but make sure it’s set aside.


Have a Frank Conversation about your USPs – think of your blog like any other product; it needs to be unique to stand out in its market place. On this blog we try to give a uniquely British spin on Search Marketing aimed at both the industry and clients. If you can’t specify what makes your blog compelling, what chance do potential readers have.


Set some goals and run some bench marks – many marketers are focused on ROI and goals for their clients but completely ignore key performance indicators when it comes to their own projects. The measures needn’t be sophisticated. We are measuring four simple metrics; number of visitors to the blog, feed subscribers, site-wide links, technorati authority. Benchmark your performance metrics and report back on your performance regularly.


Make a Big Splash – I actually took nearly two months off blogging on Apple Pie & Custard prior to the re-launch to develop a significant number of high quality posts we could use immediately after re-launching. Upping the quality and frequency of your posting immediately afterwards worked really well. It gave us a momentum and focus we never would have achieved in our normal posting schedule. When creating these stand-out pieces think about timeless topics which will prove popular and useful today, tomorrow and in months and years time.


Share your success – the guys in the office are probably getting bored of the latest updates on social media successes and blogger citations, but it’s important to let everyone know what you are achieving. The achievements you make will encourage any more reticent members of your team to take the plunge and get involved.

We’ve learnt a lot in our first month back but the luck we’ve had so far has made us even more determined to continue to produce a great blog that’s really useful to our current readers and hopefully attract a few more along the way.

pixel How we successfully re launched our corporate SEO Blog