If there was an SEO Genie my one wish would be…

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There’s lots of things out there that would make my life as a search engine marketer much easier. So if there was a SEO lamp with a genie inside there are a couple of problems which I’d ask him to sort out for me.

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Anything in the world including the secret to the Google Algo and you want a tin of beer and a lolly? – via here & here.

Though if I only had one wish, I’d probably ask if the Google Keyword Tool could be combined with their Adwords Keyword Traffic Estimator.

In the UK the keyword tools are pretty unreliable. We’ve experimented with them all and Google’s various free tools seem the most accurate, but my life would be so much easier if I was able to use the keyword suggestion aspect on the normal tool with the statistical output of the traffic estimator.

The green bars just don’t cut the mustard, the chances are even a laymen could tell you if a keyword has lots, some or no search volume, so numerical figures form the traffic estimator would add killer functionality their keyword tool.

It got me thinking what some of my other SEO types would wish for from the [tag]SEO Genie[/tag], so I’m here by tagging

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For their opinion…

pixel If there was an SEO Genie my one wish would be…