How to Use Facebook to Get Your Next SEO Job

Posted by in Social Media & Online PR on October 12th, 2007 10 Comments

While many of the more traditional business community is still using LinkedIn; judging by the volume of friend requests I’ve had in the last few months it seems the SEO industry has made itself at home their. It’s even the super fickle Neil Patel’s favourite social media site at the moment.

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Sometimes it’s easier when things find you – via flickr

While most people have been dabbling to shill their blog or just check up on what their ex is up to; there is a very real opportunity to find your next SEO Job. We’ve experimented using Facebook when recruiting for our last couple of search marketing jobs and its highlighted some good steps people could be taking to help you bag that next search marketing job.

Keep a well Maintained Network – it’s easy to neglect your network of contacts on a site like Facebook. As you meet new people in real life or virtually add them to your contacts. Be sure to make sure they know who you are; if their first impression of you is an unsolicited friend request it’s unlikely they’ll recommend you if they hear of a job opening.

Be Social – use the functionality to actually talk to people. Just setting up a profile and waiting for the job offers to coming flooding in is naive. Post on peoples walls commenting how you liked their latest blog posts, respond to their latest status update and regularly check in at the various search marketing related groups.

Do people favours – if you help someone out there chances are they’ll return the gesture further down the line. If someone has a question try and respond it’s even better if you can us this to act as connection between two contacts. It’ll keep you fresh in their mind and the first person they’ll think of if they’ve got a suitable job going.

Reply to Every Message – every search engine marketer I’ve met has always been snowed under with work, but don’t let that make you seem rude. If some one sends you a message do your best to reply. It doesn’t matter whether they are an a-list blogger, Main man at the coolest agency or someone you’ve never met from a tiny agency you should treat them all with respect and reply. Any bad impression will stay with them and deter them from making contact when a job is going.

Look Backwards – look out for old class mates or colleagues, there’ll be plenty to reminisce about & your common history will come in handy. Search on locations, companies or schools, look for familiar names or faces and drop them a quick hello message.

Be easy to contact – I know there is privacy issues with leaving your profile open for non-friends to view or having your phone number on display but you have to think would a potential recruiter need to view your profile or contact you. Maybe I’m naive but I think the potential opportunity for you would be greater than the risk of a phone call from your stalker ex!

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