Don’t Pay for me, I’m Cheap!

Posted by in Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Marketing (SEO) on October 29th, 2007 2 Comments

This isn’t going to be one of the most informative posts of the [tag]Site Visibility[/tag] [tag]blog[/tag], but hopefully it will still interesting and amusing. Promise…

Kelvin and I were doing our usual monday morning Ego-Googling today – which is when you Google your name to find out what blogs/pages appear top 10- and found out something very strange… at least it would be if we weren’t in Marketing:

BidOnUs Don’t Pay for me, I’m Cheap!

We discovered that someone is actually biding on our names as part of their [tag]PPC[/tag] campaign! Not only ours, but also Damon’s! Have a look at this compiled screenshot, it’s real, just try doing a search on one of our names… Or click here for Eloi’s, Kelvin’s and Damon’s.

Is that an effort to attempt an market some services to us? If it was, it would be a great way to get someone’s attention! And it wouldnt be costly either… But let’s have a look at their landing page so we can discuss whether this is a good marketing attempt; The Landing Page is here (sorry, but I wasn’t going to give this guy a good anchor!) and obviously terrible… I laughed a lot taking ‘the test’…

Clearly, you can understand from the first look at the landing page that this is not a genuine, personal attempt to market services or products in a very, very narrowcast way… But my personal favourite part of the page I found when I scrolled down to the footer links… Have a look:

MyNews Don’t Pay for me, I’m Cheap!

The footer links claim to have a facts and information about me! I thought, Brilliant! I’d love to find out a few things about myself! But of course this was no more than a bit of scraped content, and a link to searches on my name.

 So of course, no this is not great marketing, yes it is scraped content, BUT: you could some up with some very interesting ideas yourself with this model in mind! And there is always the fact in the back of my mind that actually, this AdWord was placed in order to bait us into blogging and linking to the page, creating traffic etc etc… But is it worth it? you would have to build an awfull lot of pages….

 So if you have made it this far through the post, Google your name and let us know whether your name is being used as bait! We’d love to find out whose got the highest Cost Per Click!

pixel Don’t Pay for me, I’m Cheap!