SEO’s Guide to FaceBook Advertising | Part I: Facebook Flyers

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[tag]Social Media[/tag] has for a long time been the a point of contention between marketers, some saying that the power of communities is awesome, some saying that it is a waste of time and will never take off or be any use to marketing. Whatever your opinion, (whether it works or not) social media is here to stay.

The success of sites like myspace, stumbleupon, youtube and [tag]facebook[/tag] proves that audiences like this interaction and engagement as they have engaged massively in using social networking sites. It could not be long before marketers followed. (At least the ones that believe in social media being a good thing).

In this first post in a series of 3, Apple Pie & Custard will be looking at the different advertising methods that are available on social networking sites, and assess their strength and potential in leveraging online audiences. This first post explains the Facebook Flyers: what they are, how they are targeted, how you pay for them, and why the Flyers Pro make so much more sense; contextually and economically.

So first, let’s quickly overview what a [tag]Facebook flyer[/tag] actually is before we get down to the details. Any viewable page on facebook has a left-hand side column whose content is regularly updated; this is because this column is advertising space that you can purchase. Facebook offers the ability to create your ad, complete with a picture, and have it tailored to display only to the networks you choose.

whatis SEO’s Guide to FaceBook Advertising | Part I: Facebook Flyers

There are different kinds of flyers now on offer in Facebook that should be used for different goals: brand awareness, getting people to sign-up, e-commerce… The basic flyer format is surprisingly called ‘basic flyers’, and offers the ability to target your ad to networks. Facebook networks are usually regions, cities or places, but can also include large workplaces like Unilever or Prudential (This would be usefull if you were trying to brain drain a competitor by advertising jobs…). The pricing scheme works by how many times your ad was displayed, and advertisers usually pay for 1000 ‘impressions’ in advance. (CPM)

basic SEO’s Guide to FaceBook Advertising | Part I: Facebook Flyers

Facebook’s Basic Flyers offer a cheap way to increase brand awareness (which I believe is one of the aims of most marketing schemes charging by CPM) on the social networking website and compared to Google contextual advertising for example, offer much more targeted delivery of your ads.

Facebook has recently launched a new format for flyers, which I believe will be extremely popular amongst advertisers, and especially SEOs:

Facebook Flyers Pro operate in the same advertising space (left hand side column) but offer much more targeted delivery for two reasons:

Ad delivery is based on  keywords you have selected, which are relevant to user’s interests and hobbies (you know, that section you only took 3 seconds to fill in!). This means that if I am advertising my local CD store, I can choose to target anyone who likes music! Or if I want a much smaller section of that market, I can choose to target people who like Will Young…

Ad pricing is based on a model much loved by SEOs and PPC managers (or is it just me?), the Cost-Per-Click pricing model (CPC). Yes, Facebook offers CPC!

Pro SEO’s Guide to FaceBook Advertising | Part I: Facebook Flyers

So not only will Facebook allow you to target your audience super-specifically, but it will also let you pay only when someone is interested in your ad! It’s still not as relevant as AdWords, where advertising is displayed as and when a users desires to find a product/information, but still offers a much more targeted and personal experience than advertising on the content network, where many sites are made for advertising (MFAs).

UPDATE: (7/11/2007) As you must have heard, Facebook changed slightly their advertising scheme, offering more functionality. Facebook flyers and flyers pro are still available under the ‘create a social ad’ tab. you can find this page here.

pixel SEO’s Guide to FaceBook Advertising | Part I: Facebook Flyers