Measuring Social Media – is there an open source solution?

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I had the pleasure of attending the first inaugural meeting today of the MeseaurementCamp which could probably be described as cross between an un-conference and working group aiming to try and create some standards in the world of social media marketing.
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So how long does the wisdom of crowds say the piece of string is?
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The session organized by Will McInnes was interesting, all the attendees seemed to have a positive attitude and there was plenty to take away from the session. It seems the Wiki is going to be the focus of much attention going forward.In the coming weeks it should have a comprehensive list of the various proprietary metrics currently being used to measure campaigns loosely grouped into the type whether it be action orientated, related to feelings or attitude or most importantly to most clients related to the bottom line.

Also it should be acting as a central depository of some standardized case studies, to enable clients to understand the type of campaigns that have been successful in the past and help agencies benchmark their performance.All very exciting and appropriately in an open wiki, where everyone is free to contribute. I’m hoping a few of the SEO’s who read this blog and dabble in social media could contribute their views and opinions to the project.At the meeting I was the only representative from an search agency. I know a lot of other firms including Anthony Mayfield down the road have expressed an interest in the project so it’d be great if it could be a collaboration between web developers, PR agencies, SEO companies and analytics providers.So get involved…I really think the industry as a whole will benefit from some shared metric, vocabulary to help clients compare apples to apples and this project from my point of view seem ideal.So if you work for an agency get on over or if you a client looking for a supplier be sure to keep a close eye on the site, hopefully over the next couple of months it’ll help you make an educated decision who to choose when you need an external supplier or benchmark your internal performance.Also hi to [tag]Dan Thornton[/tag] from my old workmates at emap (now bauer) [tag]Mark Rogers[/tag] from Market Sentinel & [tag]Robin Grant[/tag] from 1000heads plus the [tag]Nixon McInnes[/tag] crew

pixel Measuring Social Media – is there an open source solution?