Social Media Marketing Strategies for Recruiters White Paper

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I finished this white-paper off about how job boards, recruitment companies and internal human resource departments a little while ago but I’m really pleased I can finally unleash it to the public at large.

It’s quite an involved read but if you’re just trying to grasp how social media can work in the recruitment sector it’ll get you up to speed and if you’re fully immersed it’ll give you some great in-depth tips.

You can download it here, or read our lovely marketing bumph below.

You’ve almost certainly come across websites like YouTube, Myspace & Facebook; they’ve drastically altered the way people use the web and have created a real opportunity for companies in the recruitment sector to attract and interact with both advertisers and talent.

Based on our experience working with some of the biggest names in the recruitment sector, we have compiled a comprehensive but useful guide to social media marketing that we think is a great read for recruiters who want to attract candidates online.

We’ve covered all the different platforms and media including podcasts, blogs & social networks and provided information on

The Technology – jargon free, plain English descriptions about the various social media technologies

Examples – We’ve documented success stories from companies from the recruitment industry who have begun to harness the power of social media marketing.

Strategies – Real take away tips and advice which will help anyone working for a recruitment agency or job board can use to increase candidate flow and generate new clients.

You can download the white paper at

I hope you find it interesting and learn something new.

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