The Adwords Quirk That Can Ruin Reports

Posted by in Pay Per Click (PPC) on August 7th, 2008 6 Comments

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is marketed as the best possible way of measuring your return on investment , you cannot question this. Where else can you see exactly where people have come from how much they paid to get there and what they done (bought something , contacted you etc). They key to establishing your ROI is with reporting.
The Google Adwords reporting tool is a huge asset to PPC management and is not bettered by any other PPC advertising programme (in my opinion). However I’ve noticed that when taking data from a scheduled report whether it be daily weekly or monthly that the date that is generated is not always factual.

Within my role a Pay per click optimisation specialist I schedule reports to compile data to let my clients know how successful their campaigns have been. After compiling these reports using the data generated from a scheduled report I noticed the following day the number of their conversions differed from what I had reported on (for the better normally).
When you schedule a report for a period of time it is generally run within 2 hours of the following day e.g. if a report template is set up to capture data for the previous month and scheduled to run on the first day of every month it is run at 01:00 on the first of every month.

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Google say that it takes up to 24hrs for conversion data to be recorded. So why do they run the scheduled reports only hours after the time period you have specified. Would it not be better if Google gave the option of when you want the report to run by allowing you to choose the relative date and even time.

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