Are You Missing an Olympic Google PPC Opportunity?

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The Olympics are currently captivating us all. The Opening Ceremony was an amazing display of lights and colors, and medals have already started being distributed to the Olympians. However, the Olympics are so captivating, that many (every) search marketer has missed out on an Olympic opportunity to generate fast and targeted traffic to their site.For about 4 days now, has been adorned by lovely Google Doodles about the Beijing 2008 Olympics – these logos change everyday according to the daily discipline:

 Are You Missing an Olympic Google PPC Opportunity?

If you click through this Doodle, you will be taken to a page which is simply a SERP for “Beijing 2008 Olympic Games“. This page displays various news results, and the latest news on Olympic events. It also display links to blogs, photos… But no PPC ads!Like any page linked to from the Google homepage, this page has a massive amount of traffic coming to it. At first, the absence of PPC ads led me to believe at first that somehow this page was “protected” from advertising by Google, in true Olympian/Don’t Do Evil style.

So I bid for it.

Hard Refreshed,

Clicked the Doodle,

And there we were:

 Are You Missing an Olympic Google PPC Opportunity?

Our ad was online for only 7 minutes, and it generated over 7.5k impressions, so per 24 hours that’s over 750k impressions with no competition, and great branding opportunities… With one keyword! (We actually had to take the ad offline because more and more people were starting to click on it!).

 Are You Missing an Olympic Google PPC Opportunity?

This reminded me of when Patrick Altoft generated over 16k visits to his site in a day with the blog post he optimised for the first day of summer… That was in one day, through SEO, so imagine what you could do with a well written PPC ad, in 10 days of Olympic Games!

We currently don’t have any clients for who this traffic would be appropriate or relevant, which is why we don’t have any ads up there… but what about you? Have you got a client who sells sporting goods? Or a client with a Sports magazine? And what about the people behind Nike and Adidas’ Search Engine Marketing Campaigns? Would they not benefit from the branding effects of having their ad there?

Or say your newspaper has a relevant article they want to send people to. Bid £0.01, your article is relevant so you get a low minimum bid to start with, no competition, and you’re on your way to generating traffic for £0.01 per visitor! I noticed the Guardian is currently trying to do this by bidding on Beijing Closing Ceremony, so they are definitely missing out on an Olympic Opportunity here! Are you missing out on an Olympic Opportunity? If you are, contact a Search Agency that can really make a difference!

pixel Are You Missing an Olympic Google PPC Opportunity?