You’ll know twitter jumped the shark when….

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At the moment, Twitter is right at the very peak of its hype, but surely it can’t be long before it officially jumps the shark….

fonz You’ll know twitter jumped the shark when….
But as a public service announcement, below are a couple of sure fire signs of an impending twitocaylpse

Jason Calacanis Quits – He quit blogging because he wasn’t enjoying it anymore; if digital’s most divisive figures jumps ship, you know it’s on its way out….

Your Mum Gets An Account – Facebook suggests people who you might know based on mutual friends and pops their mug shot into the sidebar. For the last few months, I’ve had various friends parents staring at me from screen right, which is a little off putting when I’m procrastinating at work.

As soon as your parents are signing up to a social site, it’s time to think about moving on.

Daily Mail Links the site with Paedophilia – as soon as you get some results appearing on this search query, you know a website has really hit the mainstream.

People use the word ‘twategy’ with no sense of irony – it’s only recently I heard Ciaran jokingly use this term, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before someone uses it without their tongue firmly in cheek.

People like me write white papers on the subject – that’s the final nail in the coffin when someone like me writes a whitepaper on how to use Twitter effectively with case studies and tips from industry experts!

This is part of our #tweetsheetweek series of posts to promote our new white paper on getting the most from twitter.

pixel You’ll know twitter jumped the shark when….