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Posted by in Search Marketing (SEO) on August 7th, 2009 7 Comments

When I saw that Microsoft’s new search engine, ‘Bing’ ranked #1 for the search term “search” on Google, I realised that the Big G had dropped the ball. Currently Google ranks sixth on that list, below Yahoo, AltaVista, Dogpile and Google doesn’t even make it onto the first page of results for “search engine”, and I can’t help but wonder if Google could do with some SEO tips from my good self.

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In order to raise their ranking for these keywords, they should add a more descriptive title to the homepage, which currently reads “Google”. A beneficial change would be, for example “Google UK Search Engine”. They should also add headers to the homepage which include these terms, as this will help search engines to verify the site’s relevance.

Until they have achieved a first page ranking for “search engine” perhaps they should consider placing a pay-per-click ad triggered by that term. If you work for Google and would like to receive more technical recommendations from our search specialists, then please get in touch.

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