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Integrated Search – 3 New Strategies You Can’t Live Without

With SEO coming up to its 20th birthday, a lot has changed since the use of keywords in tiny white text on white backgrounds! Now with Google’s latest “Orion” update, it looks like meta-descriptions may be following the same fate as meta keywords. Which begs the question of what would happen if Google decided meta […]

Six Things You Can Do in The Next Half Hour To Improve Your Rankings on Bing

If you’re carrying out a varied search marketing campaign and performing well on Google, the chances are you’ll be doing quite well on the other search engines, but that’s not always the case. And with Bing’s growing market share and impending deal with Yahoo, it’s becoming more important than ever to resolve any issues you […]

What does a Dragon’s Den’s James Caan Investing in an SEO company really mean for the industry

You may have heard a few months ago that Fresh Egg, our friends along the coast made a rather impressive appointment making James Caan from BBC’s hit show Dragons Den their chairman. James and his ‘Dragon’ collegues are famed for their tough negotiation skills and astute judgement but what does one of the UK’s most […]

Why is Canonicalization such a common problem?

I can’t say the word Canonicalization in a client meeting without prefacing it with ‘one of the most over the top words in SEO’ but despite the somewhat clumsy name, the problem where your content can be found across multiple addresses despite only being one file on your server which confuses search engines, is surprisingly […]

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