Want to set up Subscription Online Publishing Business? Listen to our Podcast Interview with Miles Galliford of Subhub – Podcast Episode #54

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This month Andy White, Daniel Rowles, Kelvin Newman and Helen Tredell turned the podcast over to our listeners and answered all their questions. You can listen now here.

We covered a variety of topic including

  • SMS Marketing
  • Email Marketing Service Provider Tips
  • Live Chat – Does it Work
  • How to get archive editions of the podcast
  • Reccommended Podcasts for Beginners
  • And an indepth interview with Miles Galliford from Subscription website specialists SubHub
  • You can listen now here.

    Show Notes

    Suggested tools for SMS marketing:



    http://artbuzz.it (mentioned by Dan)


    Suggested tools for email marketing:





    The importance of opting in Can spam rules –

    USA One click unsubscribe – why it’s so important

    How to add existing emails to a list

    Watch out for annoying ads in email list acknowledgement screens

    How to get live chat from a webpage



    http://www.evoca.com – recording from webpage

    How to get early episodes of Internet Marketing

    Until the new site goes live, get them straight from the server: https://traffic.libsyn.com/internetmarketing/im001.mp3, im002.mp3, …, im044.mp3

    Get recent episodes straight from the Feedburner page: http://feeds2.feedburner.com/AcademyIM or from iTunes

    Recommended podcasts/websites for newbie internet marketers:

    Internet Business Mastery podcast – http://www.internet-based-business-mastery.com http://www.targetinternet.com



    http://shoemoney.com – 12 week course

    How google indexes tweets

    Andy’s book on podasting – Podcasting Unleashed: How to turn your passion into an audio podcast http://podcastingunleashedthebook.com http://groups.google.com/group/podcasting-unleashed

    Miles Galliford of Subhub interviewhttp://www.subhub.com

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