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The Godfather of Usability, Jakob Nielsen, Get’s a Grilling – Podcast Episode 67

There is one name in the world of Usability that gets name checked more than any other, Jakon Nielsen. He’s a controversial figure but one of the worlds leading authorities on making your website more usable. We were lucky enough to ask him a few questions for this weeks podcast episode.

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You can listen to the episode on the player below, subscribe to the podcast feed or listen in on iTunes

  • Is Usability getting better or worse?
  • Why Twitter and Facebook is ruining your usability
  • Banner Advertising hasn’t worked for 13 years
  • The changing issues in usability
  • Why home page slideshows don’t work.
  • Do you think Google’s considering page load time to improve user experience or to reduce the load on their servers.
  • Google have always understood the importance of speed in usability
  • The difference between websites that communicate and those that provide information
  • Short term memories impact on your websites content.
  • Does the reason Wikipedia rank so well because of it “Jakob Nielsen-Style” design?
  • People don’t go to website to admire them.
  • Don’t spend all your website budget on design, it should be a small part of the cost not all of it.
  • What do you make of Twitter’s simple design?
  • Twitter is simple in some ways but complicated in lots of others.
  • Twitter has atrocious finability
  • 140 characters leads to shallow-ness
  • You’re a big critic of Flash, do you think with HTML5 Flash is doomed?
  • The abuse of flash
  • Using flash in the in the right way
  • Why Apple don’t want flash on the iPad
  • Does it every frustrate you that after 10-15 years people still don’t follow your advice
  • Don’t make old mistakes make new ones
  • Search volumes in prices
  • Eyetracking Web Usability on Amazon UK or US
  • Prioritizing Web Usability on Amazon UK or US
  • Usability Week 2010 LondonSan Francisco & Toronto

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  • Russ Winston on June 18, 2010

    Just to correct these show notes – the chaps name being interviewed is Jakob Nielson, in case you incorrectly search on Jakon.

    Good episode chaps

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