Are We Ignoring the New Golden Age of Technical SEO?

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Most search engine optimisation professionals they either have a technical or creative bias, this is no bad thing and and agency or in-house team will need a mixture of both.

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I most certainly fall on the non-technical side of the fence, but like any passionate SEO I try to keep a close tab on the latest technical developments; but it’s really surprised me that the discourse in blogs and conferences really seem to be ignoring the renaissence technical SEO appears to be going through at the moment.

There are five areas of SEO which I’m following closely at the moment, micro-formats, video SEO, local, real time search and personalised search. In all these topics there seems technical implementation is really important and it that doesn’t seem to be getting the hoopla it deserves.

Microformats always seemed to me to be a bit of a trainspotter pursuit but over the last six months or so largely due to the increased use of Rich Snippets from Google it really should be on the top of any SEO to-do list.

So while some onsite SEO may be declining in influence, the rising importance of structured mark-up is really keeping onsite optimisers busy.

It’s a similar story with Video SEO, it may require a creative touch in production but without the implementation of protocols like MediaRss and Video Site Maps your attempts to build an audience are going to be much less effective.

Local SEO relies on a different but similar algorithm to the main search rankings, as a general rule many of the local factors are more off-site than on but that doesn’t mean that a technical SEO’s input isn’t required as it opens a pandora’s box of potential tracking concerns which require ingenuity and inventiveness that comes with a technical optimiser.

Both real time search and personalised search would initial appear to be the domain of the social creative SEO rather than the technician but both require a mixture of skills with plenty coming from the technical specialists.

Real-time succes will be helped tremendously by adopting technologies like PubSubHubBub, if your the kind of person who struggles to set up an RSS feed, you will struggle with the new technologies that will be a walk in the park for a lot of technically minded SEO’s, but you should ignore these developments at your peril.

I suppose what I’m getting at is at the moment the limelight might fall on the creative or search specialists with a social back ground but I still have plenty of time, respect and admiration for the search specialists with a more technical background.

pixel Are We Ignoring the New Golden Age of Technical SEO?