Should I Bring My Site Live Before It’s Ready? – Podcast Episode #107

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In today’s podcast we finish up our question and answer session. We’re talking about bringing your site live before it’s ready and SEO for the first few months of a website; discussing article submission websites; and talking about the effects of HTML 5 on internet marketers.

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Questions and Answers

1) (0:56) “I’ve brought my site live before it’s actually ready. Is this a good idea? What’s the procedure for the first three months of a new site?” (Answer at 01:57)
2) (5:50) “What do you think of Article Submission using sites like SEOLinkVine?” (Answer at 06:50)
3) (8.40) “How does HTML 5 sit with SEO at present? Does Google recognize H1 tags?” (Answer at 10.57)
(13:29) Andy White’s Clarification Question: “What are the consequences of HTML 5 to the internet marketer?” (Answer at 13:36)

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