Brighton SEO – Everything is a Social Network – Paul Chaloner ( @PaulChaloner ) #brightonseo

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Session 3 Brighton SEO

With so many differing opinions about whether we have always ‘socially networked’ or whether or not the end of SEO is rapidly approaching, Paul Chaloner, Social Media Specialist at FreshEgg examines our treatment of social media compared to other aspects of digital marketing.

Paul takes us through why SEO and Social Media have to work together as part of a combined strategy and not fight it out against each other. He begins with SEO is dead, social media is here to stay!

Fresh egg ran 2 tests to examine the affects that twitter has on influencing rankings:

The first test was a blog post on a well ranked site, the blog fed into Google news, and the number of tweets reached a total number of 53,000 people. The post which was called “There are no social media experts” and shortly after the experiment, the post was ranking on page 1 of Google.

Test 2 was a post on a lower ranked website, it wasn’t fed into Google news and there were no initial tweets about it. However when the tweets began the page then became indexed a few days later.
Concluding thoughts and takeaways from this experiment-TWITTER IS VITAL!

-Tweet with your keyword
-Tweet on an account with 1500+ followers to get maximum reach
-Your blog must be fed into Google news
-Optimise title tags

Fairly short and sweet. So get out there and tweet.

pixel Brighton SEO – Everything is a Social Network – Paul Chaloner  ( @PaulChaloner ) #brightonseo