SiteVisibility Have A New Team Member! He’d like to introduce himself…..

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Howdy! My name’s Dominick and today is my first day as a Digital Marketing Manager at SiteVisibility. It feels a bit surreal to be writing this from SiteVisiblity’s lovely office in Brighton, when I’ve spent some time following the blog posts and listening to the podcasts during my own leisure time, but to be now part of the talented team at SiteVisibility and get the chance to work with some fantastic clients is a great opportunity and one that I shall relish.

Now for some quick background information, in case you’re wondering who is this guy that’s hijacked SiteVisibility’s blog this week. For the last 3 years I’ve actually been doing my best to avoid England’s cold climate and work in some slightly more tropical countries in Asia. Most recently I returned from Taiwan about 4 months ago, where I was working for a multinational software company handling their English Paid Search and affiliate programs as well as consulting on their international SEO strategies.

When I wasn’t tied to a desk, I enjoyed surfing in typhoon conditions, and attempting to improve my Chinese which so far extends to just the basic conversations. I loved everything about Taiwan, except the food (I’m sorry if any Taiwanese person is reading this, but stinky tofu is something I can never get used to).

Prior to living in Taiwan, I lived in Thailand for two and a half years, and worked for a UK SEO Company based in Bangkok. Conversely I loved Thai food and still do, love speaking the language (I would rate myself as semi-fluent) but found the chaos and humidity of Bangkok a bit too much at times.

I returned to the Sunny UK to rekindle my love of all things British, and to return after a few years of being a nomad, and finally set down some roots. Brighton, striked me as a great place to do this, and now here I am. I’m very much looking forward to getting involved in the projects, events and conferences SiteVisibility is involved with and hopefully you’ll be reading more posts offering some valuable insight into the world of Search Marketing from me in the future on the blog.

pixel SiteVisibility Have A New Team Member! Hed like to introduce himself.....