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#398 Why Do Content Marketing Campaigns Fail? Interview with Shelley Walsh

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In today’s episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast, Andy is speaking to Shelley Walsh, founder of ShellShock Ltd, a Content Marketing Agency located in Leeds, to talk about the state of content marketing today and why content campaigns can fail. It’s a topic that she’s recently written about and you can find that here.

The State of Content Marketing

Shelley starts by giving her view on the current state of content marketing and explains that she see’s the industry booming, with a continued increase in output, but a serious lack of quality.

She explains how:

  • A report by Buzzsumo produced back in 2015 that highlighted that 50% of content gets 8 shares or less and 75% gets zero links
  • There is a misunderstanding about exactly what Content Marketing is
  • Many brands forge ahead churning out content without consideration for objective, strategy or measurement
  • Link building and many link builders have simply become content marketers as SEO tactics and strategies have changed

Why do Content Campaigns Fail?

Next, Shelley discusses why she believes many content marketing campaigns fail. She explains that often, content campaigns can fail for any of six reasons:

  • Audience
  • Objective
  • Not having a strong enough concept (U.S.E)
  • Not having a reason for journalists to share (no unique story or data)
  • Underestimating promotion
  • Timing

She goes into each possible reason in detail and also provides her tips for how to avoid these issues.

Where is Content Marketing Headed?

Shelley then talks about where she thinks content marketing is headed. She explains:

  • The impact of home assistants, apps and AI
  • How SEO has gone full circle
  • How content production for links will reduce and move toward lead generation and capturing data

Finally, Shelley provides our audience with her one top tip and key takeaway.

Connect with Shelley

If you’d like to connect with Shelley, you can do so on Twitter here.

You can find the Shellshock website here, her blog here and her own site here. Plus  here’s the article that echoes this podcast: Why Content Campaigns Fail.

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