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Remember, Remember, it’s nearly Movember

Despite the moustache making a fashion comeback in recent years, we here in the Think Tank tend to view that particular item of facial hair with the same disgust, suspicion and disdain as any other respectable citizen, but that didn’t stop many of us participating in Movember last year. It’s a month of sponsored tache-cultivating […]

Market Research: Informing SEO and Link Development – Rosie Freshwater #brightonseo

Rosie Freshwater is Managing Director Leapfrogg, and founded the Brighton-based agency specialising in digital marketing of premium retail and travel clients in 2003. Rosie’s talk was all about how market research can help to inform SEO and linkbuilding strategies. It focused on how understanding a client’s target audience can help to develop useful content which […]

Beyond the Last Click: Finding Hidden SEO Value with Multi-Channel Funnels – @darafitzgerald #brightonseo

Dara Fitzgerlad is Head of Insight at Worthing-based Fresh Egg. He’s responsible for helping clients to understand, measure and improve the performances of their online businesses. Dara’s talk was all about the new Multi-Channel Funnel feature from Google Analytics, which has enabled Analytics to monitor beyond the final click. He told us how marketers, SEOs […]

Delight in the Digital World: Why Settle for Customer Satisfaction – Rae Lovejoy @dweezil1968 #brightonseo

A Senior Digital Account Manager at iCrossing, Rae Lovejoy has over twenty years of experience in media sales and marketing, and five years in digital marketing. Rather impressively, she has raised over thirty thousand pounds for the NSPCC through social media activity. Her talk was all about client retention and relationships, and about how to […]

Brighton SEO – Stormy Weather: The Accuracy of Search Volume Estimation and Forescasting – Graeme Benstead-Hume @mrmetrics #brightonseo

Graeme is a self-proclaimed analytics geek here at SiteVisibility, and officially a Digital Marketing Manager. He’s got seven years of experience in designing, building and marketing websites for a range of businesses and organisations, and is a hugely enthusiastic and creative guy. Search engine keyword traffic estimate correlation study View more presentations from Graeme Benstead-Hume. […]

Brighton SEO – How to Pitch SEO – Sam Crocker @SamuelCrocker #brightonseo

Sam Crocker is SEO Associate Director at OMD UK, and has been building a team of good SEOs there, in order to provide integrated online marketing strategies. He participated in a panel discussion at Brighton SEO in April, titled ‘Is SEO Doomed?’, and revealed that he sees himself as “an online marketer who currently is […]

Brighton SEO – How to win at SEO with Duplicate Content: Featuring Pippa Middleton’s Arse – @malcolmcoles #brightonseo

Malcolm Coles is Director at Digital Sparkle, and is a London-based SEO consultant and strategist working with a variety of businesses and organisations. In this presentation Malcolm Coles showed us how duplicate content can actually be a great asset for a website, showing us how images of Pippa Middleton could win thousands of page views […]

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