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SiteVis Secondments: Our Experiences

The benefits of secondments are three-fold; for employer, employee and host organisation. They can take a variety of forms, even within a company or organisation, or with another institution, whether it’s public, private or non-profit. In the past we’ve had secondments at charity organisations as part of our CSR objectives, but recently we’ve realised just […]

Brighton SEO – Communicating the Value of SEO – Doug Platts ( @dougplatts ) #brightonseo

Doug Platts is the Head of Natural Search at iCrossing, and led this presentation about how to show clients the true value of SEO. He highlighted a number of ways to identify and share the reasons why SEO will work for clients. Defining their objectives, audience, marketplace, brand and market was a key consideration, as […]

Brighton SEO – Is SEO Doomed? – Panel Debate #brightonseo

We began today’s Brighton SEO Conference with a panel discussion between Rishi Lakahni, a freelance SEO Strategist, Jamie Freeman from Message, Andy Budd from Clearleft, Nichola Stott from The Media Flow and Samuel Crocker from OMD. The panel seemed to agree that SEO was in trouble, although they disagreed about the degree to which is […]

How To Get Your Content Indexed on Google News

Google News aggregates news headlines from around the world, and displays them according to reader’s interests. It allows readers to look at content by subject rather than source, offering several links for each news story, each produced by different publishers with different perspectives. It’s great for finding out what’s going on in a particular industry […]

Vodafone’s Twitter Account – Social Media Can Be Dangerous

With the rise of mobile internet and social networking over the last couple of years, social media has been increasingly populated with corporate voices, and Vodafone are one of the brave companies which have taken a chance on Twitter. Unfortunately, today saw a mysterious tweet from the Vodafone twitter account, announcing Vodafone “is fed up […]

SEO Tips for Google

When I saw that Microsoft’s new search engine, ‘Bing’ ranked #1 for the search term “search” on Google, I realised that the Big G had dropped the ball. Currently Google ranks sixth on that list, below Yahoo, AltaVista, Dogpile and Google doesn’t even make it onto the first page of results for “search engine”, […]

AI Digital Cricket Success!

Well yesterday’s cricket match was much enjoyed by all involved, as were the beers and the sausage rolls – good show everyone! AI Digital batted first and after kitting up I was bowled for a duck. Bryan did marginally better with a single run while our Batsman of the Match was Damon, slogging the balls […]

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