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AI Digital Cricket Squad 2009

Following on from England’s success against Pakistan, and swiftly forgetting about the Netherlands drubbing, we are appealing for volunteers to help complete our AI Digital/SiteVisibility Cricket Squad.Just have a look at how we did last year. It should be a fun early evening battle against ROCC Software Systems at Braypool, Brighton from 5pm on Thursday, […]

The Sitevisibility SEO-Themed Spotify Playlist

Most of us here in the production office are fans of Spotify. It’s an “online jukebox” which ,unlike Last.FM, allows users to create playlists of artists material, listen to a whole albums or even entire discographies. It’s great for finding collaborations, similar artists and brief biographies, and the amount of music instantly available on it […]

Monsters versus Aliens SEO Strategy – Stupidity or Genius?

You’d be hard-pressed to have missed Paramount’s new ‘Monsters versus Aliens’ movie advert. It contains a suggested search keyword instead of a website address, advising viewers to “search for mva” to find more information on the new film about a girl who is hit by a meteorite, turns into a big monster, gets captured by […]

Writing For Search Engines

Last time I wrote about the basics of writing content to suit both readers and the search engines. Same again I’m afraid, with some new things related to writing and optimising content for search. Headlines One thing that was pointed out at the SES conference in February was the importance of news headlines. While cunning […]

Measuring the success of SEO campaigns – Email interview with Enquisite’s Exquisite Richard Zwicky

Richard Zwicky has been involved in search marketing for a decade, starting in the late 90s. In 2000 he co-founded Metamend, a leading search marketing firm with a very large client base in 60 countries around the world, including managing campaigns for top Fortune 500 sites. In 2006 he founded Enquisite, a software company which […]

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