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Damon Damon has over 15 years online marketing experience and is the founder & co-owner of SiteVisibility. In 2008 Damon merged his business with Jason Woodford’s Academy Internet. Damon was involved in setting up one of the first search engine optimisation services in the UK back in 1996 and implemented one of the first pay per click campaigns whilst working at the Financial Times (, in 1999. This experience enables Damon to build and market an effective team of digital and search marketing experts; to ensure that client service levels are kept to a high standard and to develop new products and services, making sure that clients get the most out of their digital marketing spend. Damon is a passionate entrepreneur and enjoys the risk and excitement of getting new businesses off the ground.

SiteVisibility win Online Marketing Consultancy of the Year

Posted by in News on October 26th, 2009 0 Comments

Excuse us while we blow our own trumpet.  But I’d like to say a massive thanks to everyone at SiteVisibility for the great work you’ve all delivered throughout 2009, which led to us winning the Online Marketing Consultancy of the Year award at this year’s Data Publishers Association (DPA) awards.

winners logo SM SiteVisibility win Online Marketing Consultancy of the Year

PPC Keyword Strategy – Using it to Help Your SEO As-Well

Posted by in Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Marketing (SEO) on October 2nd, 2009 5 Comments

Looking for help with your keyword research strategy for PPC? Maybe we can help

Keyword research is the bedrock of any successful search engine optimisation strategy. And by “success” I refer to the tangible business gains that can be achieved through SEO, and not just simply search rankings.

3133865293 326886dcfc PPC Keyword Strategy   Using it to Help Your SEO As Well

Good research and analysis is required to help define a targeted set of key phrases that will drive high quality visitors onto your site. But if you’ve never implemented a search engine marketing campaign before, how do you know which relevant keywords are going to drive the right type of visitors on to your site? Read on

Why we love PPC landing pages…

Posted by in Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Marketing (SEO) on October 30th, 2007 0 Comments

How to improve your PPC campaigns using landing pages.

Are you struggling to convert visitors from your [tag]PPC [/tag]campaigns? Are you looking at ways in which you can increase conversion rates and sales? If you are then hopefully this article will set you on the right track.

With pay per click marketing now a key part of many search engine marketer’s promotional mix we have seen a dramatic rise in competition for the top sponsored slots in the search engines. This has resulted in higher bid prices meaning us marketers now have to work doubly as hard to ensure the campaigns we run are still generating a positive return on investment.

125588728 568ae1f0b4 m Why we love PPC landing pages…
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So what can we do to try and make the most form each visitor we drive to our site. The answer lies in creating highly targeted [tag]landing pages[/tag]. Read on

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective SEOs

Posted by in General Marketing, Search Marketing (SEO) on August 16th, 2007 8 Comments

In Steve Covey style I thought I’d write a post on the “7 habits of highly effective SEOs.”

1 – Big picture thinking
By ‘Big Picture Thinking’ I mean having the ability to understand the wider role that [tag]Search Engine Marketing[/tag] has to play in helping a business achieve its goals and objectives.

2 – Goal focused
Leading on nicely from habit 1, we move onto the second habit of being goal oriented as opposed to ranking focused. Again a Search Engine Optimiser’s job involves a whole lot more than achieving rankings. Would you expect a direct mail expert to just produce a mailing piece? Of course not, you’d expect them to help you achieve some pre-defined marketing goal. Why should Search be any different?

369969449 101653b175 m The 7 Habits of Highly Effective SEOs

Read on

Search Marketing Myopia & Chasing the Google Rainbow

Posted by in General Marketing, Search Marketing (SEO) on August 6th, 2007 0 Comments

In my previous post I spoke about how the role of a [tag]Search Engine Marketer[/tag] has changed and in this post I want to touch upon an obsession that far too many businesses still have when it comes to implementing search marketing campaigns.

Some 40 years ago marketing guru – Theodore Levitt coined the term [tag]Marketing Myopia[/tag] to describe an unnecessarily common affliction among business people. At the heart of the issue is focus: marketing should focus not on products but on customers. So we’re now in 2007 and when it comes to [tag]Search Engine Marketing & Optimisation[/tag], their marketing eyesight has not got much better.

I decided to come up with the term “Search Marketing Myopia” to describe when businesses focus on rankings as opposed to customer or web visitor goals.

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Good news for job board owners

Posted by in News, Search Marketing (SEO), Working In Search on August 3rd, 2007 2 Comments

Recent figures from the latest Jobcentre Plus employer survey shows increasing numbers of employers with jobs to fill are turning to the internet in order to find job candidates

According to the latest annual survey, a 25% of all filled job vacancies were advertised online in 2006.

The proportion of overall vacancies that appeared online rose to 16 per cent, up from 12 per cent in 2004.  Out of the 4,500 employers surveyed, 12.5% reported that they had posted job adverts online in the past 12 months.

The shift to online recruitment is also notable among those seeking new job opportunities. In one week in June, around 2.2 million job seekers carried out over 6 million searches on the Jobcentre Plus website.

Elsewhere in the report, it was revealed that the SME sector was the most active of recruiters. Firms with between 10 and 249 employees were responsible for 66% of all successfully filled job openings.

In the last year of the 3.97 million jobs advertised, over a 33% of them were advertised with Jobcentre Plus. Good news all round really for [tag]job board[/tag] owners and the [tag]online recruitment[/tag] sector.

The Mistake Too Many Search Engine Marketers Make

Posted by in Search Marketing (SEO) on August 1st, 2007 2 Comments

Far too many [tag]SEOs[/tag] take on a job without doing any detailed research on the client’s business and end up under-estimating the size of the challenge that lies ahead. Without understanding their clients’ expectations or the quality of the competition for their targeted keywords; they have no idea what the campaign will entail.

591374621 3f7f92dbb0 The Mistake Too Many Search Engine Marketers Make

Ooh Betty via flickr

Simply optimising on site content is no longer enough; building up high quality links is the key to improving rankings, but many SEOs forget about the basics of what makes a successful website and business.

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