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Trends in the Travel Sector

Posted by in General Marketing on November 30th, 2011 0 Comments

With companies such as Thomas Cook going cap in hand to the banks, there has never been a better time to investment in a top flight search strategy. Utilising an SEO agency to promote your online business can mean the difference between literally going to the wall and making a profit.

Looking at the data for the travel sector we can see since the financial crises in 2008, travel related searches have been in steady decline. With consumers tightening their belts it’s clear the first thing to go is luxuries such as the family holiday.

tt1 Trends in the Travel Sector

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ABC’s of SEO – B = Backlinking

Posted by in ABC's of SEO on June 23rd, 2011 0 Comments

We love link building at SiteVisibility… we look at links as little nuggets of gold to be mined from the internet. Get a link from the BBC and you’ve found yourself a gold bar, get a link from a small authority site and you’ve mined yourself enough to smelt yourself a nice gold ring, get a link from and you’ve found fool’s gold, in fact you may have to pay a pretty penny for that link yourself!

Each keyword rich link puts us on the path to Google ranking glory and we will stop at nothing to get our links built.
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SES London Expo 2011 – London SEO Conference

Posted by in Search Marketing (SEO) on February 23rd, 2011 0 Comments

ses SES London Expo 2011   London SEO ConferenceCan’t make it to the SES London Expo and Conference happening this week (21st February – 25th February), or worried about what you might be happening elsewhere if you’re in a different session? If you’re keen to find out what you’ve been missing, there are a number of participants live blogging their sessions. Here are some of the best blogs in terms of their coverage:

SEO Chicks is a good place to start. They have chosen a number of sessions to live blog, including ‘Meaningful SEO Metrics: Going Beyond the Numbers’ and ‘How to Become a Link Magnet’.

State of Search has five bloggers around the conference, including SiteVisibility’s Creative Director Kelvin Newman, who has covered today’s session given by Lee Oden. They’ve been posting about most of the sessions and are able to provide reports of the majority of the speakers.

For a more concise roundup of information from Day One, Wordtracker has done a list of the “125 takeaways and top tips from day one SES London 2011”.

Twitter is of course a great source of information. If you’d like a quicker, 140 character sized update, searching for #SESUK will provide you with the most current tweets about what’s happening throughout the week.

Finally, SES London has their own YouTube Channel, if you’re looking for videos of the Expo.

Google Places Means More Reasons To Localise Your SEO

Posted by in Uncategorized & Miscellaneous on January 25th, 2011 1 Comment

With the implementation of Google place search, websites with a local focus are now reaping the rewards. Google place search means if you perform a search with a location keyword e.g. “accountant London” “organic food London” “gym Manchester” the search results appear with place holders. This has created some real waves within the SEO community and has been a bit of a shock for some SEO who haven’t been preparing for the dawn of local SEO. For instance, web directories that previously relied on simply listing locations are now faced with an uphill struggle when competing with sites that are locale specific. Having a local address is going to push you higher as Google will see this as evidence that your company is trading out of your area. Using location specific keywords in the domain is even better; Google will think you are specifically searching for that website.

Lets take a closer look at location based search phrases. For example “Plumber Brighton”:

brighton plumber1 Google Places Means More Reasons To Localise Your SEO

We can see that sites which have been added to Google Local Business appear in the Search Results, but what are the secrets to achieving the highest results in Place searches?

  • Have up to date addresses and phone numbers in directories across the web. Remove any old phone numbers and out of date information.
  • Make sure your website has been correctly categorised with your top keywords in Google Local Business, for example:  “bathroom fitter brighton, bathrooms brighton, bathroom installer hove, Bathroom Design and Installation, Bathroom installer brighton, bathroom fitter hove, Bathroom Remodeler, plumbers hove, plumbing brighton”.
  • Make sure your website has been added to local directories e.g. and
  • Make sure you partner with local websites associated with the keyword you are trying to rank for and get a localised keyword rich link from these sites e.g. “Plumber Brighton”.
  • Be sure to fill in all possible details on Google Local Business, add pictures, offers and persuade others to write positive reviews.
  • Have the local destination within the domain name. This is a very powerful factor when ranking a site for local phrases.
  • Use my maps in a Google account:
    simply enough, search for the business you are trying to rank and save to my maps.  
  • And last and not least….. have a fully optimised site!