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AI Digital Ranked in Top 20 Business Podcasts on iTunes

Our parent company, AI Digital are the producers of a superb podcast series about Internet Marketing.  So far, they’ve published forty-one episodes on iTunes and Feedburner and have notched up tens of thousands of downloads worldwide.   The podcast series is aimed at small business owners, freelancers and marketing managers. Each episode offers internet marketing ideas, […]

Use the News for Cheap Pay Per Click Traffic

If you think about it, linking your business with current affairs is a fast way to generate traffic to your site; the only snag is the news has to be relevant to you.  photo credit: franckdethier When a news story or (competitors) advertising campaign (read about Orange’s latest advertising campaign mistakes) relating to your business […]

Are You Missing an Olympic Google PPC Opportunity?

The Olympics are currently captivating us all. The Opening Ceremony was an amazing display of lights and colors, and medals have already started being distributed to the Olympians. However, the Olympics are so captivating, that many (every) search marketer has missed out on an Olympic opportunity to generate fast and targeted traffic to their site.For […]

How to do Negative Keyword Research (Part 2)

After having explained why negative keywords are so important to a campaign, and how to do negative keyword research, this post will review how to add and optimize your negative keywords to be as precise as possible with your targeting. There are more advanced things you can do with negatives, and some ways you can […]

How to do Negative Keyword Research (Part 1)

Negative keywords can often be overlooked by search marketing managers eager to expand their keyword list and get as many searchers as possible to click their ads and follow through to their site. However, negative keywords can play one of the most important parts of your paid search marketing campaign by eliminating the traffic you […]

Optimize your Content Network Campaign!

In the paid search marketing world, one of the topics that gets the PPC managers & optimisers discussing tactics for ages is the ‘Content Network’. The Content Network is the collection of sites which are opted into the AdSense scheme; through AdWords, you can place your ads on these websites. The Google User Interface was […]

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