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Plotting the Effects of your PPC Changes

Amazing. Imagine you could plot the effects of every single change to your PPC campaign on a graph. You’d be able to view instantly whether that bid your raised on Friday evening before leaving the office has paid off… Has it had a better CTR? Has it generated more conversions? Now what if you could have […]

Is Hitwise Worth the Hit?

We have all heard of Hitwise. Their data is widely regarded as industry leading information, and their sample size is massive (One third of the UK market). You might have even worked with them, or have a client that has their package installed. In any of these cases, we all know the bottom line: It’s […]

The MSN Ad Excellence Accreditation Test – Could you Pass it?

October usually is the time of year PPC managers & optimisers choose to start studying to pass their tests with the different networks (Google, Yahoo, MSN), as the Google Accreditation is valid for one year, from that month onwards… so it’s not officially revision month, but I have just passed the MSN Ad Excellence Test […]

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