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Beginners Guide To QR Codes and their Uses in Online Marketing

What are QR Codes? They are basically a funny looking 2 dimensional code that can be scanned by any modern smart phone in order to display a number of things relating to a company a URL, phone number, video or just a message. They can be read both vertically and horizontally and can be encoded […]

SEO Smells Sweet with SiteVisibility and Penhaligons

Recently SiteVisibility have been lucky enough to begin work with Penhaligons a luxury perfume company based in London. As part of the campaign setup we were invited to experience the brand first hand in their Covent Garden branch, to get a real feel for the brand and their way of portraying themselves. We had all […]

Dan & Gareth’s CSR Day

Here at Sitevisibility each person receives one day a year that they can spend helping the local community or a charity of their choice. This is on top of team activity days that we spend helping the local community in various ways.

Local SEO – A Beginners Guide

Google Maps is fast becoming best platform for small businesses to improve their online visibility and to increase visitors & sales from both their website and business premises. Google Maps Ten Pack There are various tactics being used by SEO experts to help clients improve rankings in Google Maps here are some of the more […]

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