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Post By: James

Google Penalty Warnings – Sorting the Penguins From The Chicks

Receiving a Google penalty warning can strike fear amongst digital marketers and webmaster’s alike, but it’s important to remember the silver lining. You have a clear indication that your websites profile has crossed over Google Webmaster regulations and in that respect at least you have hard evidence as to why your rankings may be affected, […]

High Street Stores to Consider Digital Strategy as HMV Goes Under

As a child watching Steven Spielberg’s depiction of the future in Back to the Future part 2 there were many ideas that seemed in the realms of possibility. Flying cars, hoverboards and Nike Air Kicks that were self-lacing! However one prediction that Spielberg didn’t include was the slow decline of the high street store! In […]

Using Google Analytics To Tell A User Journey Story

I have recently been using the standard Google tools far more frequently in the lead up to Christmas, analysing user behaviour and retention, tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are still really quite remarkable for studying metrics. Although quite daunting for a novice user, the updated interface earlier this year has made the […]