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James James Farr originally from the sunny shores of Cornwall, is a Digital Marketing & Design Consultant at Sitevisibility. He writes on a number of topics including search trends and practices, his interests lie in all things techy and visual. Read more of James's posts here

Google Penalty Warnings – Sorting the Penguins From The Chicks

Posted by in Analytics, BrightonSEO, Search Marketing (SEO) on March 11th, 2013 0 Comments

penguins Google Penalty Warnings   Sorting the Penguins From The Chicks

Receiving a Google penalty warning can strike fear amongst digital marketers and webmaster’s alike, but it’s important to remember the silver lining. You have a clear indication that your websites profile has crossed over Google Webmaster regulations and in that respect at least you have hard evidence as to why your rankings may be affected, or in some cases if your website traffic has been drastically affected.

You also have a clear platform from which to start cleaning up your backlink profile, without fearing that removing some of the low quality links may affect your current rankings.

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High Street Stores to Consider Digital Strategy as HMV Goes Under

Posted by in Search Marketing (SEO) on January 18th, 2013 0 Comments

hmv2 High Street Stores to Consider Digital Strategy as HMV Goes Under

As a child watching Steven Spielberg’s depiction of the future in Back to the Future part 2 there were many ideas that seemed in the realms of possibility. Flying cars, hoverboards and Nike Air Kicks that were self-lacing! However one prediction that Spielberg didn’t include was the slow decline of the high street store! In defence these last few months have brought some quite unpredictable events especially the folding of HMV a cornerstone of the music and audio market and the British high street. Along with other major retailers like Blockbusters, Jessops, Comet, JJB, GAME, Habitat and Peacocks, HMV is another victim of retailers who have gone into administration  in the past year. And with all these casualties it’s hardly surprising that online retailers like eBay are announcing increases in sales and revenue

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Using Google Analytics To Tell A User Journey Story

Posted by in Analytics, Search Marketing (SEO) on November 21st, 2012 0 Comments

I have recently been using the standard Google tools far more frequently in the lead up to Christmas, analysing user behaviour and retention, tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are still really quite remarkable for studying metrics. Although quite daunting for a novice user, the updated interface earlier this year has made the navigation cleaner and more linear.

This short post is just to outline how free Google tools like Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools can be so important to your campaigns. With such accurate data and insightful metrics it almost goes without saying that these effective tools are essential for any successful website.

I’ve highlighted several areas that can be hugely beneficial to monitor as they will improve either user journey and/or site optimisation:

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How To Use Your Blog For Search Engine Optimisation

Posted by in Search Marketing (SEO) on September 27th, 2012 3 Comments

blog How To Use Your Blog For Search Engine Optimisation

Having spent some time recently reviewing blog use for SEO purposes and the advantages it has from a content based link-building strategy, I thought I would compile this short article just outlining my findings.

Most major online companies now run a branded or on-site blog that works as a great way to both engage with and update viewers with latest news related to your company. However, the blog also offers a great asset to use for improving internal linking structure on your site and also a great way of boosting target key-terms.

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ABC’s of SEO – Y – The Rise & Fall of Yahoo

Posted by in ABC's of SEO on May 23rd, 2012 2 Comments

Digital marketers and SEO’s respectively should take heed that for the eighth month in a row, Yahoo search has taken a dip in traffic. Subsiding in the shadow of Google, Yahoo a once revered and respected search engine platform, ironically is searching for a strategy to save a company that has been active since the dawn of internet search.

Disorder began with the dismissal of Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz in September 2011, and with the appointment of new CEO Scott Thompson in early 2012 it became apparent that the company was in trouble.

block2 ABCs of SEO   Y   The Rise & Fall of Yahoo

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