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Post By: John makes $500 a day

According to a direct message I got on Twitter from founder Simon Nixon the preeminent price comparison site nets him a cool $500 a day. The company floated a couple of years ago with a valuation of £1 billion – looks like the recessions hit em hard:-)

Facebook duplicate url’s and rel=”canonical”

Yesterday I received this question about Facebook pages from my girlfriend: Could you tell me which URL, if any, take you directly to the page (make sure you’re not logged in):   Why doesn’t Facebook make things like this easier? This got me thinking. The short answer was actually […]

Google .com/ UK canonicalization problems

Noticed this curious little glitch with Google’s support pages. A web search on Google UK returns 2 identical Google listings on and domains which isn’t particularly useful: Search in the UK only and both pages disappear which is even stranger (actually the is listed on the 3rd page somewhere but still) What […]

Big Mouth Media Ranking Penalty?

It might be a temporary glitch but I’ve noticed Big Mouth (who historically rank extremely well on some competitive terms) seem to have been dropped for a number of big money terms like search engine optimisation and affiliate marketing. I’m pretty sure they were on page 1 for these last week. Interestingly it looks like […]

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