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Increasing Conversions – Podcast Episode #183

In this episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast, Kelvin and Andy discuss the psychology behind increasing conversions on your site. Topics covered include Social Proof, Loss Aversion and Anchoring with some great resources to help you on your way. Resources: 37 Signals Basecamp Wish Groupon LateRooms Qwertee Amazon Argos MailChimp Wiggle

Content Marketing – Podcast Episode #182

Content Is King, but what else? In this episode Kelvin and Andy discuss the importance of content marketing by looking into the past to inform the present. With an in depth exploration of the THEME acronym used at SiteVisibility and a few pro tips, what to do with your content should become a little clearer. […]

EdgeRank revisited: Interview with Chad Wittman – Podcast Episode #181

In this episode of the internet marketing podcast Kelvin talks to Chad Wittman about Facebook and their EdgeRank algorithm. Chad Wittman is the founder of EdgeRank Checker, a tool which aims to shed light on the nuts and bolts of EdgeRank and how it determines the content of the news feed on Facebook. Topics covered […]

Mobile Marketing For Beginners: The Biggest Digital Marketing Opportunity Right Now? Podcast Episode #180

As you’re about to discover in the last of our “beginner-themed” podcasts the facts surrounding mobile internet use are truly staggering. In this episode Kelvin and Andy discuss the potential of mobile marketing to grow your online visibility and give some specific examples of highly effective marketing techniques that are unique to the mobile marketing […]

Beginners Performance Display: How To Draw Hot Prospects Back To Your Site – Podcast Episode #179

If there’s one core philosophy we have here at SiteVisibility it’s that we try to “think beyond the click” meaning we don’t just want traffic – we want traffic that converts. It’s a sad fact that no matter high the response rate of your site a number of hot prospects will get distracted and leave […]

PPC For Beginners: How To Drive Instant Traffic Using Google Adwords – Podcast Episode #178

While SEO can take time to really see significant visitor numbers, pay per click (PPC) advertising can result in far more rapid traffic generation. In this episode of the internet marketing podcast Kelvin and Andy continue their “beginners” theme and provide a solid grounding in how to get started with PPC advertising. Just a few […]

Beginners Offsite SEO: Effective Post-Penguin Link Building Strategies – Podcast Episode #177

Following on from the last podcast Kelvin and Andy complete our beginners guide to SEO by looking at offsite factors that can control how your site ranks in the search engines. This episode includes strategies and tools for analysing your links as well as mining new link-building opportunities. We take a closer look at some […]

Beginners Onsite SEO: How To Get Your Site Noticed By Google – Podcast Episode #176

In this episode of the internet marketing podcast Kelvin and Andy get back to basics with a beginners guide to onsite SEO. Starting out with keyword strategies discover how to find the most appropriate keywords to target in the search engines together with Kelvin’s recommended keyword research tools. Next we look at the technical considerations […]

Digital B2B Marketing Strategies: Interview With Joel Harrison – Podcast Episode #175

In this episode of the internet marketing podcast Kelvin talks to Joel Harrison about digital marketing trends in the b2b world. Topics covered include key differences between b2b and b2c markets, how to effectively use social media for b2b marketing, predictions about the future of b2b marketing online and a whole lot more. Resources: Joel […]

How to Pass the Google Analytics IQ Test: Interview with Eric Fettman – Podcast Episode #174

This episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast is particular timely, since we’ve recently launched our own in-depth Analytics and Insights service and have written this blog post about passing the Google Analytics IQ Exam. Kelvin is interviewing Eric Fettman who is sharing insight on how to practice for the test, different areas in which to […]

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