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Creative Marketing : Blogging Workshop with Sussex Downs College

As part of our SiteVisibility Corporate Responsibility Policy, we are involved in working with the community in a number of different ways, from support local charities to getting involved with local education at schools and Universities.   Last month I went to Sussex Downs College in Lewes to run a Marketing Workshop with the Six Form […]

Calling all Seagulls fans (or people who are feeling generous)!!

For the finale of the Uniform at Work project, this week we are hosting a Brighton Seagulls merchandise bidding auction for charity.  We have 2 team scarves to give away to the 2 highest bid offers via Twitter.  For a chance to win, please tweet @sitevisibility with the hashtag #uniformatwork, along with you bid offer […]

ABC’s of SEO – Z = The Google Zoo: What Will Google’s Next Move Be?

Here it is SEO and SiteVisibility fans – The last post for our ABC’s of SEO series. This series was designed to help you all through the wonderful world of SEO and all its different tools, techniques and skills. This last post concerns Google and their algorithm updates which all SEO gurus study meticulously every time […]

ABC’s of SEO – V = SEO Your Video

Using videos as another means of marketing your brand, product or services is one tactic that many businesses are using.  With the growth of YouTube and many other video hosting and sharing sites, there are an increasing number of platforms for your content to reach.   Furthermore, Videos will enhance the user experience and also possess […]

ABC’s of SEO: R is for Reputation Management

It doesn’t matter about the age, size, or type of company/individual that you are, Online reputation management or ORM is becoming more and more important for everyone. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, the internet never forgets – it is like a big old wardrobe that stores any number of skeletons inside […]

Luxury Brands Going Digital

For luxury brands, bridging the gap between traditional and digital marketing is proving particularly challenging, more so than for their high street counterparts. Shopping online for luxury gifts and goods is an interesting concept as a great deal of the “luxurious experience” one has when shopping in real life is lost. Those who have traditionally […]

Brighton SEO – What Can Social Learn from Mad Men? Roger Warner @RogerWarner #BrightonSEO

Roger Warner is the founder of Content and Motion, an online communications agency based in Lewes, East Sussex. Apparently he wears blue blazers on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays – Today being Friday I am excited about this blazer and I’m hoping for the whole hog. Blue blazer, hair slicked back, pretty girl on his arm, […]

Links – SEO Value vs Client Expectations vs Cost – Neil Walker (@TheUKSEO) #brightonseo

Neil Walker Online Marketer, SEO, speaker, rapper :), data miner, domainer, analytics connoisseur, link building veteran a man with many strings to his SEO-bow. BrightonSEO an excellent opportunity to gather SEO talent and allow experts to converse one anothers experiences, almost a nirvana for SEOness The two were just made to be together and that […]

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