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How to Implement The Rel=”Author” Tag

The SERPs are continuously evolving and there are now more and more ways to make your results stand out from the crowd. One of these methods is the rel=”author” tag. What is Rel=”Author”? Rel=”author” and rel=”me” are types of Google authorship markup that can be used to enhance your results in the search results by […]

Multilingual and Multinational Site Annotations in Sitemaps: A How to Guide

With companies now servicing customers in different countries and different languages, a website can’t just be created in English and forgotten about. Making your website accessible to your entire customer base is critical to grow your business, and helping the search engines index your site is a very important job. We’ve written this about the […]

Penguin: Google’s Most Recent Update

Yesterday Google launched a new algorithm update aimed at targeting webspam. Google has stated that this update will target around 3% of queries. Only 2 weeks ago at Brighton SEO, Stefan Hull predicted that with content farms being hit in 2011, this year would be the turn of webspam/linkspam to feel the force. And it’s […]