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Matt Daley Matt is a Senior Digital Marketing Consultant. He has a passion for Social Media, Search Engine Optimisation and Paid Advertising. Out of work Matt is into fitness and has recently completed Tough Mudder, a 12 mile military style obstacle course. Follow Matt on Twitter for a range of updates in the world of Digital Marketing - @matt_daley_uk

How to use Tailored Audiences on Twitter

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Recently, on the SiteVisibility Podcast,  I talked about some social updates on our Podcast related to re-targeting of email addresses and lists through the Twitter Ads Platform.

A comment came in from @AlanFergs regarding how to actually carry this out, so we thought it would be a great idea to write a blog post to help answer this question.

So, let’s start from the beginning…

What is Tailored Audiences?
Twitter allows account owners to target users via what they call “Tailored Audiences”. In layman’s terms this means via email, Twitter ID or Website Visitor. Ultimately user targeting on Twitter has now reached a new level and is allowing accounts to join in with the conversation and amplify their messaging further using various new forms of targeting.

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Facebook Paid Social Update

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If you use Facebook Advertising to promote your business then you may already know about the recent update to the structural setup of your campaigns.Social Media Today 300x300 Facebook Paid Social Update

Previously the Facebook Advertising setup allowed advertisers to create campaigns with just advertisements associated, making analysis across multiple placements slightly confusing if you have lots of adverts to measure.

Facebook’s new update makes the tool more granular and with the new structural setup in place advertisers can now create “Ad Sets” within each campaign and associate adverts to each Ad Set which comes in very useful when gathering insights for each campaign and ultimately helps businesses to understand what is working best for their business.

With the new setup in place Advertisers can easily test Ad Sets and understand which placements are engaging the most. Optimisation of ad copy and targeting can then be carried out with quicker with data driven statistics.

FIVE top tips for New Businesses using Facebook Advertising

  1. Think about what interests the end user and create compelling content that encourages engagement and achieves an end business goal
  1. Make the most of the targeting available and optimise regularly to drive more engagement on your ads
  1. Separate your Ad Sets into groups of placements such as News Feed and Right Column. This will help you to measure the results more effectively and get more out of your budget (See Image Above)
  1. Test bright vibrant images to capture the attention of the end user and increase engagement
  1. Try using questions in the header of your Ad in order to increase engagement. Some studies show that click through rates appear to be higher on Facebook Ads when a question is asked


Procrastination in the Digital Industry

Posted by in Social Media & Online PR, Training, Working In Search on July 19th, 2013 1 Comment

stress Procrastination in the Digital Industry

At SiteVisibility I always make the most of all of our internal and external training sessions so when they come up, I’m usually first to wave my hand in the air shouting me me me! Something brilliant about SiteVisibility is the R&D program in place and how they invest huge amounts of time into each employee giving us the chance to learn new skills both to help us in work and in our day to day lives.

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#GrowWithTwitter – London Film Museum

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twitter #GrowWithTwitter   London Film Museum

Here at SiteVisibility one of the things I love is the importance the company places on personal development and we are always keen on enhancing our knowledge and understanding of the digital landscape. I have worked on various Twitter Advertising Accounts in the past and have seen some great results engaging with a range of users online so when the opportunity came around to go to a Twitter conference I took this with both arms wide open!

Last week we took time out of the office to meet up with Twitter in the London Film Museum. The topic of the morning was to discuss how Twitter could help businesses grow and engage with their target audience using a variation of both organic and paid approaches.

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