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Post By: Matthew Hendry

How Does Universal Analytics Work?

In my last post I quickly discussed that the new Universal Analytics code was in beta. You can read that write-up here. Now I wanted to go over how Universal Analytics actually works. Its brand new code to us all, looking and working completely differently to the previous versions. However, it is possible to de-mystify […]

What is Universal Analytics?

The way in which the web is used has changed. The main window into an online world in the past was through a desktop computer, but with the advent of mobiles, tablets and the vast array of other internet enabled devices (Nest central heating anyone?!), things have changed. With this comes exciting opportunities that will […]

ABC’s of SEO – F = Facebook PPC

With Facebook becoming a true behemoth of the online world, businesses are taking a wider view of how to utilise it for biggest impact. This will usually take the form of business pages and, in conjunction with Twitter, will be used to engage with customers. However, Facebook also has another trick up its sleeve: Pay-Per-Click […]