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Analytics – Test Your Code in Real-Time

Posted by in Analytics, Search Marketing (SEO) on July 19th, 2013 0 Comments

real time analytics 2 Analytics – Test Your Code in Real Time

One great thing that Google have been improving upon lately is there real-time Analytics reporting. It’s a tool that makes testing easier; also it can sometimes just be interesting to know how many people are on the site at the moment and where they are! (Hopefully big numbers!). This amazing resource also seems to be getting missed by a lot of SEO’s so I thought I could provide a brief introduction!

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How Does Universal Analytics Work?

Posted by in Analytics on May 13th, 2013 2 Comments

In my last post I quickly discussed that the new Universal Analytics code was in beta. You can read that write-up here.

google 300x228 How Does Universal Analytics Work?

Now I wanted to go over how Universal Analytics actually works. Its brand new code to us all, looking and working completely differently to the previous versions. However, it is possible to de-mystify the code and gain a better understanding of how it works.

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What is Universal Analytics?

Posted by in Analytics on May 3rd, 2013 0 Comments

The way in which the web is used has changed. The main window into an online world in the past was through a desktop computer, but with the advent of mobiles, tablets and the vast array of other internet enabled devices (Nest central heating anyone?!), things have changed. With this comes exciting opportunities that will revolutionise the way in which the world works. However, it also brings about some obstacles. One of which is tracking.

old comp What is Universal Analytics?

Google has recently released the latest version of its Analytics code, called Universal Analytics. It is currently in open Beta and it completely redefines the way in which we can track users. It also opens up a whole world of possibilities within analysing the data that it provides.

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“Promiscuous Customers”: Attracting Them Through Data

Posted by in General Marketing on June 11th, 2012 0 Comments

When looking for data on your target market and clients it can sometimes be hard for SME’s to find affordable sources of data. However, what you may not know is that there is a huge amount of data out there that is either low cost or sometimes even free! Gaining data is just one of the ways we can gauge whether we know our market better than it knows us.

It’s possible to find the future trends, market size and sometimes you can even get the profitability of the market and your competitors as a gauge of how you are doing. However, in this time of austerity many companies are just trying to survive and “don’t have the time or resources”. What most don’t seem to realise is that this data can provide real insight that will help you to achieve more, spot trends and increase your profitability.

154300399 b8dd1427f6 “Promiscuous Customers”: Attracting Them Through Data

For example, many people will go on Facebook to complain about a company to their friends – a marketing nightmare – but the best companies can identify that a customer has mentioned them and get in contact in order to solve their problem. This not only leaves you with a customer that can be 2/3 times more satisfied with their purchase, but also gets you seen by their friends as a company that genuinely cares. Read on

ABC’s of SEO – F = Facebook PPC

Posted by in ABC's of SEO on September 2nd, 2011 0 Comments

With Facebook becoming a true behemoth of the online world, businesses are taking a wider view of how to utilise it for biggest impact. This will usually take the form of business pages and, in conjunction with Twitter, will be used to engage with customers. However, Facebook also has another trick up its sleeve: Pay-Per-Click advertising. Whilst this could be considered analogous to Google’s display network (sites that have agreed to display Google AdWords ads alongside content deemed to be relevant by Google), there are several key differences that, when utilised properly, make Facebook’s offering a much more powerful option.

Facebook PPC image ABCs of SEO   F = Facebook PPC

Image Credit: jscreationzs

These differences are predominantly within the targeting options available. Facebook holds a huge amount of information on us all, this includes but is not limited to; location, marital status, interests and education information. Whilst on their own there is nothing particularly special here, once these characteristics start to be combined they can be used to define some really interesting marketing segments.
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