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Coming Up With Twenty Blog Post Ideas

In this screencast, we’re talking about easy ways to come up with quality content ideas for your blogs. There are tips about which tools to use, like Google’s Keyword Tool, as well as Tweetmeme, and Plus, other clever ways to use existing content. Google Analytics OpenSiteExplorer

Giving it Away For Free with David Meerman Scott – Podcast Episode #109

In this episode of the Podcast, we have Kelvin’s interview with David Meerman Scott. They talk about giving away Ebooks and White Papers for free, real time marketing, coming up with unique strategies, and increasing company value by paying close attention to what’s happening on Twitter and other social networking sites. subscribe to the podcast […]

Google’s Panda (Farmer) Update – Podcast Episode #108

In this episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast, we’re talking about the latest Google update, which is known as the Farmer update to those of us outside of Google thanks to Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land. The folk at Google call it the Panda update.   You can listen to the episode on the […]

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