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Why Real Time Search Matters Even If You Don’t Do SEO

Posted by in Social Media & Online PR on December 9th, 2009 0 Comments

Google has started rolling out real time search, which has far-reaching implications for brand reputation monitoring and SEO, particularly for those brands that up to now have largely ignored social media. Those brands that dismiss the need to monitor their online presence, or are just not well equipped to do so could quickly start to see unfortunate results – just ask Tiger Woods. With the inclusion of live Twitter streams in the natural SERPs, brand reputation has never been so important.

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Folks who are just Googling for a brand are soon going to know all about the current hot issue for that company, good or bad, live from the people who matter – the actual end users, the customers. One entry into the search box will bring up everything you need to know, and you won’t have to search Twitter for more personal opinions and anecdotal evidence before you choose to buy or book.

Now it’s more crucial than ever to have constant monitoring for potentially tricky situations. Brands need to be ready with quick responses, information and, where possible, solutions and apologies to combat a potential wave of negativity that could spring from one tweet or blog post.

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Social Media for Good – Charity Fundraising Social Media Case Study

Posted by in Social Media & Online PR on November 30th, 2009 1 Comment

I have spent the past year helping a small group of strangers raise money for the NSPCC. In the wake of the Baby P tragedy, we have collectively walked, ran and bungeed, baked and bellydanced, and many other bonkers activities. OK, nothing unusual about that, except that the main people involved didn’t actually know each other, and still haven’t met in the flesh. We all met via Facebook. I only met my first fundraising friend for real this September, which was a bit like a blind date!

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In November 2008 when Baby P first hit the headlines, many people were drawn to the 500+ groups on Facebook to discuss the horrific case. Some were spurred into doing something positive in his name. One such person was Louise Harvey, who founded an official fund via the NSPCC, the Baby Peter Tribute Fund , to raise money for them in Peter’s name. Her original target was £5,000.

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