ABC’s of SEO

9 Schema I’d be implementing to “future-proof” my SEO


Sometimes I like to take a step back and think about what technical SEO is about. What are the core tasks? Taking page content and ensuring it is “marked-up”. In a way which keeps both the browsers and the search engine’s happy. Traditionally, this has meant tweaking title tags, headings and other attributes. More recently things like href-lang […]

ABC’s of SEO – Y – The Rise & Fall of Yahoo

Digital marketers and SEO’s respectively should take heed that for the eighth month in a row, Yahoo search has taken a dip in traffic. Subsiding in the shadow of Google, Yahoo a once revered and respected search engine platform, ironically is searching for a strategy to save a company that has been active since the […]

ABC’s of SEO – V = SEO Your Video

Using videos as another means of marketing your brand, product or services is one tactic that many businesses are using.  With the growth of YouTube and many other video hosting and sharing sites, there are an increasing number of platforms for your content to reach.   Furthermore, Videos will enhance the user experience and also possess […]

ABC’s of SEO: T = Travel Trends

International Keyword Research Trends The travel industry has enjoyed a huge increase in ecommerce over recent years with the rise of hotel, holiday and flight aggregators. In most recent times this trend has moved towards an influx of holiday and travel price comparison sites. Some of the major travel providers have had to adapt to […]

ABC’s of SEO: S is for Social Bookmarking

What is social bookmarking? Firstly it’s a great way of sharing your top quality content on your site whether it’s a blog post, a report, a video or even a podcast episode, social bookmarking can facilitate your content reaching further exposure as well as increasing readership, comments and votes. Why would you want to bookmark? […]

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