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ABC’s of SEO – Z = The Google Zoo: What Will Google’s Next Move Be?

Posted by in ABC's of SEO on June 21st, 2012 0 Comments

google zoo ABCs of SEO   Z = The Google Zoo: What Will Google’s Next Move Be?

Here it is SEO and SiteVisibility fans – The last post for our ABC’s of SEO series. This series was designed to help you all through the wonderful world of SEO and all its different tools, techniques and skills. This last post concerns Google and their algorithm updates which all SEO gurus study meticulously every time they get rolled out.

Z is always a difficult one when it comes to doing the A-Z of a subject field – the first word that generally comes into your head will be “zebra”, or something equally as irrelevant to your topic.

What is fortunate about SEO is that zebra does in fact fit into place or at least when you consider Google’s updates as a sort of ‘Google Zoo’.

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ABC’s of SEO – Y – The Rise & Fall of Yahoo

Posted by in ABC's of SEO on May 23rd, 2012 2 Comments

Digital marketers and SEO’s respectively should take heed that for the eighth month in a row, Yahoo search has taken a dip in traffic. Subsiding in the shadow of Google, Yahoo a once revered and respected search engine platform, ironically is searching for a strategy to save a company that has been active since the dawn of internet search.

Disorder began with the dismissal of Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz in September 2011, and with the appointment of new CEO Scott Thompson in early 2012 it became apparent that the company was in trouble.

block2 ABCs of SEO   Y   The Rise & Fall of Yahoo

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ABC’s of SEO – X= How To Create An XML Sitemap

Posted by in ABC's of SEO on May 17th, 2012 2 Comments

What is an XML sitemap?

An XML sitemap allows for search engines such as Google to be able to understand what is on your site and crawl it accurately.

The sitemap tells the search engines what URLS there are on a website and allows them to be crawled. This is an important step for your website as sitemaps enable search engines to find all of the pages on your site which might be missed when indexing.

xml sitemap ABC’s of SEO – X= How To Create An XML Sitemap

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ABC’s of SEO – W = What Can You Do With Webmaster Tools?

Posted by in ABC's of SEO on May 14th, 2012 1 Comment

Using webmaster tools is an essential component of daily SEO practises as it contains key information about the visibility of your website in Google.  Webmaster tools will display any errors that Google finds when crawling your site so that you can address these errors and fix them to improve SEO on the site.

webmaster tools ABCs of SEO   W = What Can You Do With Webmaster Tools?

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ABC’s of SEO – V = SEO Your Video

Posted by in ABC's of SEO on April 20th, 2012 0 Comments

6939206771 9c21e5c44d z ABCs of SEO   V = SEO Your Video

Using videos as another means of marketing your brand, product or services is one tactic that many businesses are using.  With the growth of YouTube and many other video hosting and sharing sites, there are an increasing number of platforms for your content to reach.   Furthermore, Videos will enhance the user experience and also possess the benefit of encouraging a visitor to become more engaged.

Using video SEO can benefit your site in a number of ways including rankings, traffic, conversions, links and enhanced brand image; therefore there is a lot of potential gain.

Creating videos for SEO purposes need to be treated in a certain way.  To begin with, it is essential to conduct keyword research to see what terms people are searching for in relation to your topic ideas.  You should select keywords with an ample search volume and then perform competitor research to examine if other companies have videos ranking highly in Google for such terms.  Based on this research you should be able to determine the best keywords with the lowest amount of competition.

Optimising your video is paramount, as search engines cannot tell what a video is about unless you tell them.  There are a number of different points to consider:

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ABC’s of SEO – U = How to create SEO friendly URL structures

Posted by in ABC's of SEO on April 4th, 2012 0 Comments

URLs are the building blocks of SEO and by ensuring you get this right, you’re on your way to SEO success.

I’m sure many of you have found that as you look within search engine rankings, sites which possess a hierarchical model including optimal keyword usage within page names tend to come out on top.

structure2 ABC’s of SEO – U = How to create SEO friendly URL structures


Your address is one of the key elements that you can optimise to help your SEO activities. You want to include your most important keyword for your business here, which is obviously easier if you’re starting from scratch. If that is the case, then by simply performing some keyword research you can target your URL name around your findings. On a side note you want to stick with .com and .org sites as they offer better authority (if you’re feeling insecure about competitors stealing other domains, by all means feel free to buy .net etc.)

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ABC’s of SEO: T = Travel Trends

Posted by in ABC's of SEO, International SEO on March 22nd, 2012 0 Comments

International Keyword Research Trends

The travel industry has enjoyed a huge increase in ecommerce over recent years with the rise of hotel, holiday and flight aggregators. In most recent times this trend has moved towards an influx of holiday and travel price comparison sites.

Some of the major travel providers have had to adapt to the recent economic climate and amplify their keyword profiles with the goal to rank for terms such as cheap holidays, last minute breaks, low cost flights and so on.

Furthermore, large international sites have to apply these keyword strategies and apply them globally in various markets, which have their own languages and keywords.

So, the question is – Can we simply direct translate our keywords? Will high search volumes of certain keywords be reflected within international search engines? Will there be any English terms that remain? And finally, what surprises are there with regards to keyword trends?

This experiment will be based on the terms surrounding ‘cheap flights’ and will include trends in the UK, France, Italy and Spain.

 Google UK

  • Cheap flights (blue)
  • Low cost flights (red)
  • Last minute flights (orange)

google uk ABCs of SEO: T = Travel Trends

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ABC’s of SEO: S is for Social Bookmarking

Posted by in ABC's of SEO on March 16th, 2012 1 Comment

What is social bookmarking?

Firstly it’s a great way of sharing your top quality content on your site whether it’s a blog post, a report, a video or even a podcast episode, social bookmarking can facilitate your content reaching further exposure as well as increasing readership, comments and votes.

Why would you want to bookmark?

Good question! Well there are several benefits of use social bookmarking sites for sharing your content.

  1. Traffic – You can gain referral traffic back from these bookmarking sites and of course choosing the more popular ones is more likely to gain you more visits.
  2. Indexing – By submitting your content to social bookmarking sites you are in fact increasing the chances of it getting crawled quicker in Google allowing you to get pages on your site indexed quicker in search engines.
  3. Links – Followed links can be achieved by using certain social bookmarking sites which is obviously great for your site as it’s a quick and easy way of gaining links, improving your search engine rankings.
  4. Additional first page listings – If you are looking to get various pages of your site onto the first page on Google then social bookmarking sites can aid you. Posting content to these sites can sometimes rank highly in search engine results.

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ABC’s of SEO: R is for Reputation Management

Posted by in ABC's of SEO, General Marketing, Search Marketing (SEO) on February 29th, 2012 0 Comments

It doesn’t matter about the age, size, or type of company/individual that you are, Online reputation management or ORM is becoming more and more important for everyone. There are a couple of reasons for this.

Firstly, the internet never forgets – it is like a big old wardrobe that stores any number of skeletons inside from personal skeletons, to negative skeletons.

skeleton ABCs of SEO: R is for Reputation Management

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P = Pinterest: A Very Pinterest-ing User Guide

Posted by in ABC's of SEO, Social Media & Online PR on February 9th, 2012 0 Comments

So you might have heard it from a friend, you might have seen posts on Linkedin and on marketing blogs, but what is Pinterest? And how can you get your hands on it?

Let’s start with telling you what it’s all about. Pinterest lets you organize and share all the things that you find on the web. You can use your pinboards to organize your life – from hobbies to clothes you can save all your favourite things in one spot. Best of all, is the discovery side of the website in which you can view pinboards created by others, allowing you to draw inspiration from people who share your interests.

Right then, let’s show you how it all works!

First of all when you visit the site, you’ll be greeted by an invitation only screen:

Pinterest 1 P = Pinterest: A Very Pinterest ing User Guide

You might know a friend who already has an account; therefore you can get them to send you an invite. If not, simply apply and you should be able to start using the site within less than a week.

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