First look at Google Tag Manager v2

pastel Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a powerful tool for anyone who is involved in configuring analytics (or other tracking on a website). It allows you to rapidly update and improve code without needing to interrupt or schedule in IT time, plus it has version control and the ability to test tracking on development servers before […]

Not Provided Is About To Reach 100%

Google has now fully moved to using secure search even for non-logged in users, which will skyrocket the percentage of (not provided) keywords in Analytics packages up to 100%! Essentially, encrypted Google searches do not pass any keyword data to the websites, as such webmasters will no longer be able to track the keywords that […]

Referral Data Returns to iOS6 Traffic

It is almost a year now since the original release of iOS6 in September of last year, which introduced problems for tracking visits from iOS6 traffic. I wrote about this issue a few months ago and some methods of helping to assist in attributing the data to something in an attempt to reclaim the data. […]

How Does Universal Analytics Work?

In my last post I quickly discussed that the new Universal Analytics code was in beta. You can read that write-up here. Now I wanted to go over how Universal Analytics actually works. Its brand new code to us all, looking and working completely differently to the previous versions. However, it is possible to de-mystify […]

What is Universal Analytics?

The way in which the web is used has changed. The main window into an online world in the past was through a desktop computer, but with the advent of mobiles, tablets and the vast array of other internet enabled devices (Nest central heating anyone?!), things have changed. With this comes exciting opportunities that will […]

Keyword Ranking KPIs Should Go The Way of the Dodo


At the tail end of 2011, Google announced that they would stop providing the keywords of logged-in user’s searches to webmasters. The main reason this was done was in the name of privacy; Google are making the assumption that users searching “securely” would not want their search term to be passed on to the destination […]

Google Penalty Warnings – Sorting the Penguins From The Chicks

Receiving a Google penalty warning can strike fear amongst digital marketers and webmaster’s alike, but it’s important to remember the silver lining. You have a clear indication that your websites profile has crossed over Google Webmaster regulations and in that respect at least you have hard evidence as to why your rankings may be affected, […]

Using Google Analytics To Tell A User Journey Story

I have recently been using the standard Google tools far more frequently in the lead up to Christmas, analysing user behaviour and retention, tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are still really quite remarkable for studying metrics. Although quite daunting for a novice user, the updated interface earlier this year has made the […]

BrightonSEO Under The Microscope – Dara Fitzgerald Presents Advanced Google Analytics

One of the real benefits of operating a digital business is simply how much data we can glean about our site visitors and customers. Modern visitor tracking services like Google Analytics give us unprecedented visibility as to the activity our visitors take but diving head-first into this data can be an intimidating prospect. Without a […]

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