Conversion Optimisation – Making the most of what you’ve got!

Why conversion optimisation Most search & display marketers focus on driving large volumes of traffic to a site. Site traffic can be driven through SEO, paid search, display advertising, email marketing and many other channels. The best online marketers aim to increase the quality of traffic as well as increasing the quantity of traffic. This […]

How to Pass the Google Analytics IQ Test: Interview with Eric Fettman – Podcast Episode #174 Podcast: Play in new window | Download This episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast is particular timely, since we’ve recently launched our own in-depth Analytics and Insights service and have written this blog post about passing the Google Analytics IQ Exam. Kelvin is interviewing Eric Fettman who is sharing insight on how to practice […]

Passing the Google Analytics IQ Test

The Google Analytics IQ Exam is a formal test provided by Google for individuals to prove their proficiency in Google Analytics. The test is conducted online within the Google testing centre,, consists of 70 multiple choice questions and lasts 90 minutes. The test has an 80% pass score threshold. And it’s not easy…

Advanced Google Analytics: Interview with Dara Fitzgerald – Podcast Episode #160 Podcast: Play in new window | Download In this episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast, Kelvin is interviewing Dara Fitzgerald, Head of Insight at Fresh Egg. They’re talking about the new Updated Google Analytics including the best new features like funnels and paths which make it easy to determine dropping off points, and visitor […]

Beyond the Last Click: Finding Hidden SEO Value with Multi-Channel Funnels – @darafitzgerald #brightonseo

Dara Fitzgerlad is Head of Insight at Worthing-based Fresh Egg. He’s responsible for helping clients to understand, measure and improve the performances of their online businesses. Dara’s talk was all about the new Multi-Channel Funnel feature from Google Analytics, which has enabled Analytics to monitor beyond the final click. He told us how marketers, SEOs […]

My Favourite Google Analytics Reports- Podcast Episode #85 Podcast: Play in new window | Download Tying into next week on the Premium Podcast’s analytics week we’ve got the latest braindump on Kelvin’s Favoruite Google Analytics Reports. You can listen to the episode on the player below, subscribe to the podcast feed or listen in on iTunes

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