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BrightonSEO Under The Microscope – Dara Fitzgerald Presents Advanced Google Analytics

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One of the real benefits of operating a digital business is simply how much data we can glean about our site visitors and customers. Modern visitor tracking services like Google Analytics give us unprecedented visibility as to the activity our visitors take but diving head-first into this data can be an intimidating prospect.

Without a detailed knowledge of GA it can be difficult to know how to find, interpret and apply all the data you have at your fingertips to a commercial situation.

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BrightonSEO: Microformats, Schema And Rich Snippets Workshop Filling Up Fast

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Let’s start with a question: how do you boost traffic from natural search without increasing your page rankings?

The answer of course is through the use of so-called “rich snippets” which let you include additional data in your search engine listings. If you know what you’re doing it’s possible to add all manner of additional information to your standard listings such as the dates of upcoming events, product ratings and even author photos.

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Do You Want to be an Advanced Link Builder?

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Then we have the perfect solution for you!

On September 13th – yes, you got it right, one day before our exciting search marketing conference BrightonSEO  – we have the exact right workshop just waiting for you.

Advanced Link Building Workshop

Our workshop is designed to help you master some of the most advanced and future proof link building techniques, and all of this in just one day. The course is ideal for In-house as well as Agency digital marketing managers aiming to get a more proficient understanding of link building to deliver the highest of rankings and search traffic.

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BrightonSEO Workshops – Content Marketing and Strategy

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background 2 300x220 BrightonSEO Workshops   Content Marketing and Strategy

BrightonSEO is coming!

We are just 23 days away from the event day – September 14th. Not only do we get a day dedicated to search marketing talks, queries and questions there’s also lots of fantastic workshops lined up the day before the event on September 13th.

There are 5 workshops in total covering a wide range of SEO tactics that you want to master. Some of them in particular are advanced level to help you get to the top of your search marketing game.

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The Digital Whizz Pub Quizz

Posted by in BrightonSEO, CSR & Sustainability, News, Uncategorized & Miscellaneous on August 10th, 2012 0 Comments

Exciting news digital fans, with Brighton Digital Festival just around the corner we thought we’d follow up on BrightonSEO and round off the festival and test your newly acquired digital knowledge with a pub quiz to sort the men from the boys and raise some extra dollar for our dedicated charity  the NSPCC whilst having some competitive fun.

The event will be taking place on Thursday 27th September at 8pm at The Caxton Arms.

If you know your Facebook from your facepalm, reckon you can express the rise of Google in the form of interpretive dance and like using play-dough to communicate abstract concepts then you should join us at the Caxton Arms for a night of silliness and digital-themed trivia!

Brain2 The Digital Whizz Pub Quizz

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Win Tickets To BrightonSEO

Posted by in BrightonSEO on August 10th, 2012 0 Comments

Yes, that’s right! you could be a lucky winner to one of the UK’s biggest and best search marketing conferences!

Tickets for this September’s event (Friday 14th) sold out in record time – in less than an hour! So if you missed out, here’s your second chance to get one of the most sort-after SEO marketing tickets there is to have!

win tickets Win Tickets To BrightonSEO

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Our Top 5 #BrightonSEO Videos

Posted by in BrightonSEO on May 9th, 2012 0 Comments

On Friday April 13, SEO experts from all over the world joined us at the Brighton Dome for BrightonSEO. The day was a huge success and a wide range of topics were discussed, yielding many new insights. Now that we’ve had some time to digest, we would like to share with you our favourite five videos of the day (in no particular order) that attracted our attention.

1. “Ask the Engines”, with Pierre Far, Dave Copin, Martin McDonald, Rishi Lakhani & Tony Goldstone

BrightonSEO kicked off with a Panel Discussion on Search Engines, with Pierre Far from Google UK, Dave Coplin from Bing, Rishi Lakhani (Freelance Online Marketing Consultant), and Martin MacDonald from Expedia EAN debating and discussing the biggest SEO issues at the moment. During the Q&A session, the audience had the chance to ask specific questions to the panel of Search Engine Experts surrounding SEO and search.

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#BrightonSEO Big Round-Up — April 13, 2012

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Today was a very exciting day for us here at SiteVisibility! Brighton Dome was completely packed with search marketing enthusiasts, delegates from search agencies, in-house marketing teams and business owners, not only from Brighton, but also from across the UK and even Europe. This year’s first edition of BrightonSEO was bigger and more exciting than ever before.

brightonSEO #BrightonSEO Big Round Up    April 13, 2012

The best SEO experts and enthusiasts across the UK have devoted their time today to share their detailed and practical knowledge with us.

However, the many talks and presentations throughout the day must have left you all with loads to process, and therefore we have decided to make it easier for you by putting together a quick summary of some of today’s talks and the most striking conclusions. So sit back and enjoy our BrightonSEO Round-up:

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#BrightonSEO is coming – Here’s what not to miss

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Friday 13th is the big day and it’s just around the corner! We’re excited for Brighton SEO and we know that you are too.

Some of you have attended before, and some of you will be coming for the first time so we’re very excited and happy to have you all on board to experience one of the UK’s most popular and respected natural search conferences. This year the conference is bigger and better with over 1000 of the UK’s finest search marketers heading to the Brighton.

This time we’ll be in the Brighton Dome with attendees coming from search agencies, in-house marketing teams as well as businesses from all over the UK and Europe!

As you know there are lots of talks throughout the day filled with SEO stars sharing their knowledge so take a look at the full Brighton SEO agenda so you don’t miss anything.

So then, with all the details covered we’d like to share with you what we’re looking forward to the most in this year’s best ever Brighton SEO conference!

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How to Use the New Facebook Timeline Page Layout to Run Promotions

Posted by in BrightonSEO, Social Media & Online PR on March 27th, 2012 2 Comments

The new Facebook changes have caused quite a commotion over the past couple of months, especially since the launch of Timeline for Pages Previews earlier this month. This new design poses several challenges for online marketers. The new features as well as limitations of the new Timeline format undoubtedly affects the ways in which brands and companies connect and engage with customers on Facebook. Page owners are advised to get their head around these changes in order to utilize them to their advantage and review their strategies before Timeline is pushed live for all Pages on March 30.

Timeline challenges businesses to create a more expressive and visual identity on Facebook. Page owners will have to think about new creative ways to use the Timeline layout to get the attention of newcomers and engage with their audience. First of all, the new Timeline for pages no longer offers the option to set up a default landing page or welcome tab. Instead, your Page visitors will by default land on your Timeline, challenging the ways in which the visibility of a new promotion, coupon, welcome message or any company announcement can be optimized.

While running our BrightonSEO Facebook Ticket Giveaway I have discovered several new and exciting functionalities that Timeline’s new features for Pages has to offer. Read on