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Writing a killer brief

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future of content marketing 300x225 Writing a killer briefIf you’re thinking about or actually looking for a good search marketing agency, the quality and detail in the brief can make or break the potential success of your project.

Not only will a good brief help your potential agency to develop a tailoured response, but the process of creating it can help you really get to grips with what success actually looks like for your business. Read on

SiteVisibility celebrates fundraising success with the NSPCC in Brighton.

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0P6A9969 SiteVisibility celebrates fundraising success with the NSPCC in Brighton.

Last week I had the privilege of celebrating with the NSPCC Brighton Business Board at its annual “Business Spotlight” event which took place at Donatello’s restaurant in Brighton. SiteVisibility is a founder member of the NSPCC Brighton Business Board whose aim is to engage local businesses and their employees with the work of NSPCC in order to help fund services which benefit local children and their parents. Read on

Is brainstorming still the cornerstone of the creative process?

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Creativity is something we value highly here at StiteVisibility and has resulted in not only some fantastic client work but also in the birth of events such as Brighton SEO and the Content Marketing Show. But as anyone who works in an agency knows, keeping this fresh approach going over time requires work and bags of new ideas.

While ‘brainstorming’ is becoming a term that us creatives try to avoid, the concept is still one that begins the creative process in almost all cases. Getting a group of people in the same space and churning out idea after idea until the right one shows itself is a staple in our creativity toolbox. The idea being that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and with the right knowledge and expertise in the room we can achieve greatness.

I recently came across this video from the RSA that looks at how brainstorming works and whether we are getting the most from the experience. As with most RSA videos, it’s worth a watch if not a share round your team.

In my experience I’ve found many different approaches, but more often than not I’ve seen sessions succeed or fail on the ability of those in the room to get the balance between creating a safe space for sharing ideas and being able to move on from ideas that won’t fly.

The idea of constructive criticism is the one area most of us fail to get right at one time or another, either shutting down ideas too quickly or allowing bad ideas to take us off track. Often our role as creative leads is better spent facilitating the process for others and ensuring everyone has a voice and a space to get it wrong sometimes. This is when the magic usually happens.

“I Blog, Therefore I Am”: How to Strengthen your Online Visibility through High Quality Guest Blogging

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Over the past few months, I have experienced the importance of high quality and relevant content to strengthen your brand awareness and visibility online. User-focused content marketing is on the rise and, especially after Google’s most recent algorithm updates Panda and Penguin, high quality and unique content creation should become an essential part of everyone’s online marketing strategy.

6861197374 17a9d96b5e 300x131 I Blog, Therefore I Am: How to Strengthen your Online Visibility through High Quality Guest Blogging

Read on

Social Media Policies for Agencies – a Pragmatic Consideration of the Legal Issues

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Like all internet-based companies, digital agencies such as ours “get” social media. We see it as a key part of our marketing mix and we encourage all our clients to do likewise. All of our team are encouraged to use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc during their working day, but should we insist they separate their work personas from their private ones?

5820173025 3c7320616f Social Media Policies for Agencies – a Pragmatic Consideration of the Legal Issues

The way we all behave and act at work is guided by our company’s values, contracts and policies and, ultimately, Employment Law. In addition, all businesses should have a policy to cover social networking, setting out when social media can be used at work and defining employees’ responsibilities regarding the company’s reputation and intellectual property, both while they are at work and in their private lives.
Digital agencies, however, have a further problem in that employees use social media at work on behalf of both the company and, sometimes, its clients. Who “owns” these accounts, who is responsible for them, who has access to them and what happens when employees leave? Read on

Looking for a Quality Search Agency?

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It’s better to hear recommendations from a third party so Econsultancy fulfils this role with its annual Buyers Guides which have featured SiteVisibility for some years.

Econsultancy produce these guides on a number of topics, including Paid Search Agencies Buyer’s Guide (May 2012) , the SEO Agencies Buyer’s Guide 2012 (March 2012) as well as Content Management Systems (CMS) Buyer’s Guide, Email Marketing Platforms Buyer’s Guide 2012 and E-commerce Platforms Buyer’s Guide among others.

5867447858 f599ee574e Looking for a Quality Search Agency?

Using interviews and survey data collected about leading agencies and individuals within the digital marketing community, Econsultancy has collated all the data into hugely valuable reports. The data includes costs, levels of expertise, and various other elements which paint quite an interesting picture of each of the various aspects of the digital marketing industry.  Read on

Email Marketing: What to Consider to Get it Right

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Email Marketing is widely regarded as a hugely important and growing part of the digital marketing industry. Think about how many email you get each day: not only from friends and colleagues, but also from stops where you make purchases, grocery stores you have accounts with, and even your bank. Consider the following excerpt:

The UK market for email marketing platforms and services grew by an estimated 15.5% year-on-year to a value of £388 million by the end of 2011

Econsultancy Email Marketing Platforms Buyer’s Guide 2012

I recently attended email marketing training course, given by the IAB and I wanted to share what I learned. This isn’t a “Dos and Don’ts” type post as we’ve done that, but more a top things to consider when creating an email campaign:

2570696594 a0a770c7ae Email Marketing: What to Consider to Get it Right

Acquiring and Managing Your Data: Read on

“Promiscuous Customers”: Attracting Them Through Data

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When looking for data on your target market and clients it can sometimes be hard for SME’s to find affordable sources of data. However, what you may not know is that there is a huge amount of data out there that is either low cost or sometimes even free! Gaining data is just one of the ways we can gauge whether we know our market better than it knows us.

It’s possible to find the future trends, market size and sometimes you can even get the profitability of the market and your competitors as a gauge of how you are doing. However, in this time of austerity many companies are just trying to survive and “don’t have the time or resources”. What most don’t seem to realise is that this data can provide real insight that will help you to achieve more, spot trends and increase your profitability.

154300399 b8dd1427f6 “Promiscuous Customers”: Attracting Them Through Data

For example, many people will go on Facebook to complain about a company to their friends – a marketing nightmare – but the best companies can identify that a customer has mentioned them and get in contact in order to solve their problem. This not only leaves you with a customer that can be 2/3 times more satisfied with their purchase, but also gets you seen by their friends as a company that genuinely cares. Read on

Measuring Search Success Offline – A Webinar About ROI from SiteVisibility

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In this presentation, Graeme Benstead-Hume, Digital Insights Manager at SiteVisibility, and Steven Way, Principle at Collier Stevens Chartered Surveyors, are discussing a number of ways to efficiently track the return your digital marketing spend is having offline.

While Graeme demonstrates a number of tactics like surveys, QR codes, voucher codes and unique numbers, Steve is discussing the benefits he sees from using call tracking and gives a demonstration.

If you any questions about the benefits of any of these methods, or want to learn more about Call Beacon, our lead tracking solution, please get in touch.

You can watch the webinar here:

Slides can be accessed here:

If you’ve got any comments or questions, the conversation continues in our LinkedIn Group.

Help the NSPCC! Order some home made cookies to see in the New Cookie Law

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Cookies for Cookie Day

We are very excited to be launching our first fundraising activity to help us achieve our goal of raising £1600 for the NSPCC and we will be are raising funds for the NSPCC and awareness for the EU Cookie Law by baking homemade cookies for local Brighton businesses.

If you are based in Brighton and would like to show your support, and treat your office to some sweet treats on a Friday any donations are appreciated and will be going to an amazing cause.

The cookies are available in delicious chocolate chip, oatmeal, and sugar varieties, and 6 cookies will be available for a recommended donation of £10 for 6 and 12 for a recommended donation of £15. What better way to comply with the cookie law than to get some chocolate in your mouth at the end of the week!

Cookies will be sold by half dozen or dozen with all the money raised going to towards the goal of £1600 for NSPCC by the end of 2012. Please dig deep and help us make a difference!

If you would like to place an order or more more information, please email Jamila MacLean Homburg.

Orders must be in no later than Monday 21st May by 5pm to give us plenty of time to bake up a storm! Payments can be made through our Just Giving page:  Help the NSPCC! Order some home made cookies to see in the New Cookie Law

Get your order in now to avoid disappointment!

SiteVisibility and Sustainability 

SiteVisibility recognises the need for sustainable development in business and continually aims to improve the social and environmental impacts of our activities to underpin a healthy, profitable and successful business.

This is not something that just comes from the top down and everyone in the company is given one day per annum to participate in either company or personal volunteering or charity activities and this year we would like to see this happen with everyone working towards assisting with something they are passionate about.

Read on