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Our Interview with Avinash Kaushik included on a Free CD with his new Book

We were lucky enough to interview one of the worlds most respected analytics experts, Avinash Kaushik, fairly recently for our Internet Marketing Podcast. We were really pleased with how it went, we had some great feedback from our listeners, and Avinash enjoyed it so much he included it in a free CD that’s being bundled […]

Recession not over in the UK – When’s the time to increase your investment in search?

The media has been full of news about our European neighbours pulling out of the recession with a positive quarter of growth. It’s great news for the world, even if Britain’s lagging a little while behind. Although lots have people have advocated investing in marketing during the downturn it’s not always that easy when your […]

Monsters versus Aliens SEO Strategy – Stupidity or Genius?

You’d be hard-pressed to have missed Paramount’s new ‘Monsters versus Aliens’ movie advert. It contains a suggested search keyword instead of a website address, advising viewers to “search for mva” to find more information on the new film about a girl who is hit by a meteorite, turns into a big monster, gets captured by […]

What is Google Website Optimizer and How Could It Benefit Your Website

As Google are keen to attract greater spend on their PPC network Adwords, they have over the years introduced a number of free tools to help advertisers greater understand the return on investment they are getting from their PPC spend. They hope with these tools they can gain a greater share of companies multi-channel advertising […]

“I am” confused: Orange Keyword Ad Weirdness

I don’t like getting the tube in London, being a born and bred Brightonian I find it confusing. The one upside however is tube advertising is in my opinion some of the most innovative in the world. This Orange ad caught my attention this week for its attempted use of offline/ search marketing integration. photo […]

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