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Is Craigslist part of your online marketing strategy?

Recently there’s been a boom in free online classified advertising sector, it’s been estimated that Craigslist is the world most popular job website and even smaller competitors like Gumtree & Kijiji (both owned by eBay) have plenty of reach. Craigslist HQ, pretty homely – via flickr However despite these websites huge audience; [tag]online marketers seem[/tag] […]

Will traditional and online advertising ever converge?

Last weekend, Kelvin and I represented SiteVisiblity when we attended a fun and friendly socialising party organised by Propellernet on the Brighton seafront. Everyone had a good chance to discuss their career moves, their views on how things were changing, and I met quite a few people who did not come from Internet backgrounds but […]

Making money by charging nothing – The Power of Free Business Model

There’s a marketing strategy that’s slowly spreading that the best way to get rich is to by charging nothing. It’s gaining such momentum that it’s the topic of Chris “I invented the [tag]Long Tail[/tag]’ Anderson’s next book. And if the influence of [tag]Chris Anderson[/tag]’s previous work is anything to go on; a lot of companies […]

Stop Pushing advertising and Pull your consumers! – Beginners Guide to Online Marketing

There are lots of interesting starter guides, books and podcasts out there to help anyone starting out in internet marketing. They’ve helped me learn, but I thought it would be interesting to share my thoughts as I learn the ropes. Here, I explain the differences between push and pull advertising, which illustrate the differences between […]

It’s Not Surprising Offline Ad Revenues are Down – Views on traditional versus Internet Marketing

We’ve recently been joined at Site Visibility by Eloi Casali a recent graduate from Brighton University in Communications & Digital Media. We were really impressed with his dissertation about online advertising so we’ve asked him to summarise some of his findings in a series of blog posts, this being the first – Kelvin Advertising has […]

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