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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective SEOs

Posted by in General Marketing, Search Marketing (SEO) on August 16th, 2007 8 Comments

In Steve Covey style I thought I’d write a post on the “7 habits of highly effective SEOs.”

1 – Big picture thinking
By ‘Big Picture Thinking’ I mean having the ability to understand the wider role that [tag]Search Engine Marketing[/tag] has to play in helping a business achieve its goals and objectives.

2 – Goal focused
Leading on nicely from habit 1, we move onto the second habit of being goal oriented as opposed to ranking focused. Again a Search Engine Optimiser’s job involves a whole lot more than achieving rankings. Would you expect a direct mail expert to just produce a mailing piece? Of course not, you’d expect them to help you achieve some pre-defined marketing goal. Why should Search be any different?

369969449 101653b175 m The 7 Habits of Highly Effective SEOs

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Why offline publishers should rule the net but don’t…

Posted by in General Marketing on August 16th, 2007 0 Comments

The big offline [tag]publishers[/tag] should be raking it in from the net, they have the infrastructure and talent in place to produce high quality content that web users love. And while a number of newspapers and magazines have great websites, even the most web savvy publishers aren’t taking full advantage of their portfolio of products online.

144504038 55b0ebdfa4 Why offline publishers should rule the net but don’t…

place your bets gentlemen – via flickr

The web has opened up opportunities for small companies and solo writers create [tag]niche websites[/tag] which can produce reliable revenue streams in sectors where offline publishers should be flourishing.

But some publishers just don’t get it.

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Will traditional and online advertising ever converge?

Posted by in General Marketing on August 13th, 2007 0 Comments

Last weekend, Kelvin and I represented SiteVisiblity when we attended a fun and friendly socialising party organised by Propellernet on the Brighton seafront. Everyone had a good chance to discuss their career moves, their views on how things were changing, and I met quite a few people who did not come from Internet backgrounds but instead decided to throw themselves at the deep end of a medium they did not know much about (but thought they did). Also, it seems that nowadays 1/20 people will have a website, and 1/5 of these will operate Google AdSense.

In other words, it seems there is a greater amount of people transfering their traditional marketing skills to the internet than the other way round. Is that simply due to the rapid expansion of the medium and an inability to cope with the worforce demand? and are there any marketers out there who wish to return to old fashioned marketing and Kotler’s 4 Ps ?

 Will traditional and online advertising ever converge?

Is my technique really outdated? via flickr

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Search Marketing Myopia & Chasing the Google Rainbow

Posted by in General Marketing, Search Marketing (SEO) on August 6th, 2007 0 Comments

In my previous post I spoke about how the role of a [tag]Search Engine Marketer[/tag] has changed and in this post I want to touch upon an obsession that far too many businesses still have when it comes to implementing search marketing campaigns.

Some 40 years ago marketing guru – Theodore Levitt coined the term [tag]Marketing Myopia[/tag] to describe an unnecessarily common affliction among business people. At the heart of the issue is focus: marketing should focus not on products but on customers. So we’re now in 2007 and when it comes to [tag]Search Engine Marketing & Optimisation[/tag], their marketing eyesight has not got much better.

I decided to come up with the term “Search Marketing Myopia” to describe when businesses focus on rankings as opposed to customer or web visitor goals.

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Making money by charging nothing – The Power of Free Business Model

Posted by in General Marketing on August 6th, 2007 1 Comment

There’s a marketing strategy that’s slowly spreading that the best way to get rich is to by charging nothing. It’s gaining such momentum that it’s the topic of Chris “I invented the [tag]Long Tail[/tag]’ Anderson’s next book. And if the influence of [tag]Chris Anderson[/tag]‘s previous work is anything to go on; a lot of companies will be looking into “[tag]Free[/tag]” as a business model.

514852164 be6180756e Making money by charging nothing   The Power of Free Business Model

there’s a few things marketers could learn from the chap in red – via flickr

Google has given away products like Analytics away for free to encourage PPC advertising. Novelists are giving away digital versions of their books to help sell paper copies & even Prince gave away a whole album on the cover of the Mail on Sunday to sell more gig tickets.

But what does this mean for online publishers and search engine marketers? And why should we give away for free what we might have charged cash for in the past.

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Stop Pushing advertising and Pull your consumers! – Beginners Guide to Online Marketing

Posted by in General Marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC) on August 3rd, 2007 6 Comments

There are lots of interesting starter guides, books and podcasts out there to help anyone starting out in internet marketing. They’ve helped me learn, but I thought it would be interesting to share my thoughts as I learn the ropes. Here, I explain the differences between push and pull advertising, which illustrate the differences between traditional and online marketing.

Over the years, I have developed an absolute passion for advertising and marketing techniques, but as an individual I am very aware of when I am being marketed to, and normally I do not like it.  I like to think I am in control of my own purchasing decisions, and am not being influenced by anyone else but me; I believe many consumers feel this way too. We have gone through decades of over-advertising which I believe contributed to the success of the Internet and the increased amounts of time spent online by consumers. Here is why I would like to talk a bit more about Push and Pull advertising. Push advertising operates in traditional media such as billboards, magazines, cinema and television (except for red button advertising) and consists of the advertiser pushing a message onto you in order to influence you next time you go to the supermarket or high street.  It could be done by sticking a silly song in your head or adding comedy value to your brand, but in any case, push advertising is becoming less effective: 

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It’s Not Surprising Offline Ad Revenues are Down – Views on traditional versus Internet Marketing

Posted by in General Marketing on August 2nd, 2007 0 Comments

We’ve recently been joined at Site Visibility by Eloi Casali a recent graduate from Brighton University in Communications & Digital Media. We were really impressed with his dissertation about online advertising so we’ve asked him to summarise some of his findings in a series of blog posts, this being the first – Kelvin

Advertising has traditionally been a very expensive/ lucrative business (depending on your perspective) with huge amounts of money being spent with the intention of making the average target consumer aware of a brand.

1732573 9ab28cf698 It’s Not Surprising Offline Ad Revenues are Down   Views on traditional versus Internet Marketing 

via Flickr 

At the foundation of the pricing of offline advertising is the amount of people that will see the ad (Cost Per Thousand), which is very speculative: Who knows exactly how many people are watching BBC2 at the moment? No-one. Who knows exactly how many people looked at that Nike poster? And more so, who knows how many people bought a Nike product because of that poster?

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How to never make a marketing mistake as big as the London 2012 Logo

Posted by in General Marketing on August 1st, 2007 4 Comments

As marketing Cock-ups go the fairly recent launch of the [tag]London Olympics[/tag] logo certainly makes a good dent in the most embarrassing list. The logo was widely condemned, was criticised in online & off solidly for the best part of a fortnight.

530088570 1d69be02fe How to never make a marketing mistake as big as the London 2012 Logo

The Beeb – Obvivously not familar with Goatse via flickr

It’s easy to talk with hindsight about how they should have seen the furore in advance, but the frequency of mistakes like this shows just how easy it is to get it wrong.

But are there lessons internet marketers can learn from the slip ups like this.

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