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What it’s like to be a Digital Marketing placement student at SiteVisibility

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As part of SiteVisibility’s long standing support of the University of Brighton’s Digital Media & Marketing programme, which is now in its ninth year, and following a rigorous and lengthy set of interviews, challenges and tests,  we have hired our 2012-2013  digital marketing placement student; the future digital marketing consultant that is Natalie Wright.

Natalie Image What it’s like to be a Digital Marketing placement student at SiteVisibility

SiteVisibility’s University of Brighton Digital Media placement programme is part of SiteVisibility’s CSR programme where we aim to provide opportunities for young people to develop a career in digital marketing.

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Looking for a Quality Search Agency?

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It’s better to hear recommendations from a third party so Econsultancy fulfils this role with its annual Buyers Guides which have featured SiteVisibility for some years.

Econsultancy produce these guides on a number of topics, including Paid Search Agencies Buyer’s Guide (May 2012) , the SEO Agencies Buyer’s Guide 2012 (March 2012) as well as Content Management Systems (CMS) Buyer’s Guide, Email Marketing Platforms Buyer’s Guide 2012 and E-commerce Platforms Buyer’s Guide among others.

5867447858 f599ee574e Looking for a Quality Search Agency?

Using interviews and survey data collected about leading agencies and individuals within the digital marketing community, Econsultancy has collated all the data into hugely valuable reports. The data includes costs, levels of expertise, and various other elements which paint quite an interesting picture of each of the various aspects of the digital marketing industry.  Read on

Google+ Local: Everything You Need To Know Here In One Place.

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In a recent Google update, Google Places pages have been entirely replaced by new Google+ Local pages. 80 million Google Place pages worldwide have been automatically converted into 80 million Google+ Local pages.

What does this mean for searchers?
From a searchers perspective when searching for a business across Google properties (Maps, Mobile, Search) they will now see the Google+ local page whereas previously they would have been directed to a Google Places page.

Below is a before and after view of a search for a restaurant in Washington, DC.


Before: Google Places View

blog post 1 Google+ Local: Everything You Need To Know Here In One Place.

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SiteVisibilityKeane – Search Innovation Seminar Round-Up

We were very happy to have our first Search Innovation Seminar in Birmingham on 17th May. We had great presentations on What Google Might do Next, Local Search and Performance Display, and Incorporating Social Media into your Marketing.

You can find the presentations below, and if you’ve got any questions, let us know in the comments or tweet @BrummieSEO!

What Will Google do Next?

In this presentation, we’re discussing what Google is trying to do, how they do it, and the reasons why they’ve made the recent changes like Penguin to their algorithm. Most importantly, Google seems to be demonstrating the importance of ethical linkbuilding.
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News: Our Internet Marketing Podcast Is Now Available On Audio Boo

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Internet Marketing News

Here’s some exciting news for our SiteVisibility and internet marketing podcast fans! You can now enjoy all our fantastic marketing podcasts via audio boo!

internet marketing News: Our Internet Marketing Podcast Is Now Available On Audio Boo

Boo Who?

So, you might be asking yourself what’s this? boo who? Don’t cry! it’s a brilliant new audio service which ourselves and many other sites have subscribed to such as ‘Radio Player‘ teaming up with audio boo in January 2012 (a service backed by the BBC and commercial radio with 7 million listeners a month). It allows a more social distribution for our brilliant podcast where you can now leave us comments, share our podcast with friends and even follow our page for the latest in digital marketing trends.

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Help the NSPCC! Order some home made cookies to see in the New Cookie Law

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Cookies for Cookie Day

We are very excited to be launching our first fundraising activity to help us achieve our goal of raising £1600 for the NSPCC and we will be are raising funds for the NSPCC and awareness for the EU Cookie Law by baking homemade cookies for local Brighton businesses.

If you are based in Brighton and would like to show your support, and treat your office to some sweet treats on a Friday any donations are appreciated and will be going to an amazing cause.

The cookies are available in delicious chocolate chip, oatmeal, and sugar varieties, and 6 cookies will be available for a recommended donation of £10 for 6 and 12 for a recommended donation of £15. What better way to comply with the cookie law than to get some chocolate in your mouth at the end of the week!

Cookies will be sold by half dozen or dozen with all the money raised going to towards the goal of £1600 for NSPCC by the end of 2012. Please dig deep and help us make a difference!

If you would like to place an order or more more information, please email Jamila MacLean Homburg.

Orders must be in no later than Monday 21st May by 5pm to give us plenty of time to bake up a storm! Payments can be made through our Just Giving page:  Help the NSPCC! Order some home made cookies to see in the New Cookie Law

Get your order in now to avoid disappointment!

SiteVisibility and Sustainability 

SiteVisibility recognises the need for sustainable development in business and continually aims to improve the social and environmental impacts of our activities to underpin a healthy, profitable and successful business.

This is not something that just comes from the top down and everyone in the company is given one day per annum to participate in either company or personal volunteering or charity activities and this year we would like to see this happen with everyone working towards assisting with something they are passionate about.

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The Cookie Law: Crumbs!

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On the 26th May 2011 the enforcement of DIRECTIVE 2002/58/EC was deferred for one year in the UK. Many of us wondered if it would all just go away… it didn’t, and Cookie Day* is almost upon us.

SiteVisibility has written a Privacy and Cookie policy which all site visitors should read.

How the cookie law crumbles

The ‘Cookie Law’, a tastier synonym of DIRECTIVE 2002/58/EC, is aimed at protecting individuals against the hitherto unregulated use of user behaviour tracking online.

In short the law means that we must now ensure that users are not just aware of the tracking information, such as cookies, that we plan to store on their computers but also that they consent explicitly to us storing that information.

Some cookies are fruitier than others

The controversy around this law stems from the fact that browser cookies are all but essential to the modern web experience, many sites simply wouldn’t function without cookies to remember certain information about the user, such as the contents of an e-commerce basket.

303165301 a0606a82a1 The Cookie Law: Crumbs!

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SiteVisibility opens for business in Birmingham; bringing new online markets to local businesses.

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SiteVisibility has been busy in 2012; we’ve grown our customer base, published more SEO and Social Media case studies showing huge RoI for our customers, attracted more top Search talent into the SiteVisibility team, the Internet Marketing Podcast has reached 1 million downloads, BrightonSEO exceeded 1000 delegates for the first time and now we’ve opened up our office in England’s 2nd largest City.

3373322636 3445852c09 SiteVisibility opens for business in Birmingham; bringing new online markets to local businesses.

SiteVisibilityKeane is a joint venture with one of the UK’s top creative marketing agencies, Keane Brands whose HQ is in Birmingham. The new venture combines the “digital brains” of SiteVisibility with the “beauty” offering of Keane Brands to provide a full suite of digital services to businesses in the Midlands and in particular to manufacturers and leisure sector operators.

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One Million Podcast Downloads: Kelvin’s Top Five

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PODCAST RASP 300 One Million Podcast Downloads: Kelvins Top Five

We’ve just hit what I think is a huge milestone in our podcast’s history! We’ve ticked over a million downloads. However you look at that it’s a huge number and it’s taken about 160 episodes and five and a half years to get there and it’s hugely gratifying. But before I put my feet up and open a nice cold beer I thought this might be a great opportunity to share what I think are the five best episodes.

If you’ve never listened to our the podcast before these five episodes are a great place to start.

Tim & Seth Double Whammy
I still can’t believe we got two New York Times Best-Selling authors in one show but we did! Tim Ferriss, for those of you who have not come across him before, is a productivity and lifestyle guru. It’s probably fair to say that he has had a life changing impact on many marketers. I don’t think many of you won’t have heard of Seth Godin, the prolific marketing author has written dozens of amazing marketing books; ones like Tribes are so good they’ve informed one of SiteVisibility’s fundamental business processes.

Avinash Kaushik
Put simply, Avinash is the most respected thinker in the world of Analytics, and in this podcast he challenges a few sacred cows, shares some serious knowledge and infects you with some of his huge passion. If you’ve not yet been biten by the Analytics bug this episode will be the one to do it.

Beginners Guide to Facebook
This is a recent episode but one that covers the fundamentals of the most popular social networking site on the planet. It’s amazed me how popular it’s become. Sometimes the podcasts can get a little detailed and involved. It’s nice to take a step back and do an introduction to a service, especially when it’s proved so useful.

My First Ever Episode
Though it feels like I’ve been on the podcast with Andy forever, that’s not actually the case. This is my first ever episode back in January of 2009. I gabbled a bit and I’m still not sure whether I added much to the discussion but what can I say, it was the first ever time!

The First Ever Episode
This was a long time before I got involved in the podcast, but I still love listening back to these first furtive steps into podcasting. It’s a little dated now but it’s a nostalgic listen for me.

What are your favourites?

Google’s New Privacy Policy

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Google have announced their new privacy policy, which comes into effect on the 1st of March. The new policy is intended to centralise and make simpler its old Ts&Cs. The move has been met with the same despair, praise and controversy that every Google announcement seems to warrant, and marks the end of over 60 current privacy policies into a new, simpler, integrated policy.

products Google’s New Privacy Policy

The main change seems to be that user data will be shared across Google platforms and products. Processing over one billion search requests every day, Google collect a lot of data about its users and now data from search, YouTube, Gmail, Docs and other services will integrated, making it all the more insightful and helpful both to Google and its users, through personalisation.
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